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information technology failure

A variety of situations can cause university information technology systems and/or infrastructure emergencies. From physical damage to the infrastructure to intrusions or system failures these emergencies can result in significant operational and financial liabilities. The purpose of emergency preparedness for information technology is to minimize disruption, contain data loss or exposure, and ensure maximum business continuity.  

A. Reporting Procedures
In the event of an information technology emergency, individuals should contact the Information Technology Help Desk.
•  Phone: (203) 392-5123
•  Email:
•  Buley library, first floor Help Desk
•  Buley library, fourth floor Help Desk (room BU 439)
•  Facebook: scsuhelpdesk
•  Twitter: scsu_oit

B. Notification Procedures for Campus and CSUS
The Help Desk will notify the Director of Technology Administration immediately upon report of an information technology emergency. The Director of Technology Administration will communicate the nature and scope of the emergency to:
•  Director of Telecommunications & Operations
•  Director of Support Services
•  Director of Systems and Infrastructure
•  Director of Enterprise Applications
•  Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO)
•  Chief Information Officer (CIO)
•  Associate Vice President for Capital Budgeting and Facilities Operations
•  University Police Department

The Director of Technology Administration will notify the President, Cabinet and the Board of Regents’ (BOR) Chief Information Officer. The President shall, as warranted, notify the President of the BOR.
C. Protecting & Minimizing Impact
The information technology disaster recovery/business continuity plan (DR/BCP) will be put into operation based on the damage assessment.