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Procedure and Practices


This is a summary of what is expected when using Southern Connecticut State University's computer resources and network. For more detail, please refer to the full policy.

I will...

  • Comply with FERPA, especially when saving and sharing data.
  • Protect my SCSU account from unauthorized use:
    -Safeguard access credentials (username and password)
    -Log off computer when not in use
    -Password protect mobile devices
  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of others using SCSU systems.
  • Limit personal use of IT resources so that it does not hinder:
    -Institutional operations
    -Job performance
    -System resources
  • Report any misuse or suspicious activity on computers, network, or other equipment.

I will not...

  • Use IT resources to violate any SCSU policy, state, or federal law.
  • Appropriate someone else’s access credentials (username and password).
  • Attempt to circumvent system security.

IT Maintenance Schedule

Routine maintenance: (regular upgrades & patches)

  • Enterprise Applications: Sundays 8 am to 12 PM (noon)
  • Systems: Sunday 8 am to 12 PM (noon)
    – only if rebooting is required
  • Systems: Wednesdays 10 PM to 1 AM
    – when rebooting is not required

Non-routine maintenance: (major upgrades, patches, and system changes)

  • Every 3 to 5 months
  • 5 day window (Friday-Tuesday)
    • Intent is to only need Friday when vendor support is anticipated
    • May need Saturday & Sunday when vendor support is not anticipated (most common use of maintenance window)
    • May also need Monday & Tuesday in rare/dire circumstances when difficulties arise and special support is necessary
  • All Applications and systems
    • President's Day Weekend (February 20xx  ~20th)
    • One week before the Friday of Memorial Day weekend (May 20xx  ~19th)
    • Fiscal Year Switch over (June 30, 20xx to July 01, 20xx)
      - Finance items only - This is not for maintenance and has been an established routine for years
    • Columbus Day weekend (October 20xx  ~10th)

Emergency maintenance: (Waiting for a scheduled maintenance window is not possible. Expected to be used rarely.)

  • Must be communicated as soon as possible
  • Communicate updates to the SCSU community
  • Communicate the results to the SCSU community