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Criminal Justice Minor

Gregory Adams, Ph.D.
(203) 392-5675

This interdisciplinary 18-credit minor provides an introduction to the field of criminal justice with applications to positions in law enforcement, the judicial system, and correctional institutions, as well as in social work and counseling. The minor is jointly sponsored by the History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology Departments.

Each student must complete the following: The following courses are required:
    1. SOC 362 — Criminology
    2. PSC 321 — U.S. Legal System 
                  or PSC 417 — Constitutional Law (Note: PSC 110 is prerequisite for PSC 417)
    3. PHI 327 — Moral Problems and the Law
                  or SOC 368 — Sociology of Law

Plus three of the following electives, from any of the following categories, except as noted:

Political Science — Policy
   PSC 316 — U.S. Security Policy
   PSC 351 — Analysis of Public Policy

Sociology — Crime, Corrections, and Society
   SOC 266 — Socialization and Social Control
   SOC 338 — Juvenile Delinquency
   SOC 367 — Criminal Justice and Cultural Pluralism
   SOC 334 — Probation, Parole, and Pardon
   SOC 366 — Penology
   SOC 368 — Sociology of Law (allowed if SOC 368 is not used to satisfy requirement #3)
   SOC/WMS 404 — Gender and the Law

Business Management
   MGT 240 — Legal Environment of Business
   MGT 335 — Business Law

   PSY 321 — Abnormal Psychology  (all prerequisites must apply)
   PSY 320 — Abnormal Child Psychology  (all prerequisites must apply)
   PSY 492 — Psychology of Law  (all prerequisites must apply)