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Q: What is the cost of tuition?

A: Please visit the Tuition and Fees page and click on the current academic year. For additional information, please contact the Student Accounts office by email: or telephone at: 203-392-6140.

Q: How do I register for classes and pay my bill?

A: Visit How to Register for information on registering for classes and bill payment.

Q: Where do I get Financial Aid information?

A: Financial Aid information can be found at How to Apply for Financial Aid.

Q: Where can I find the FAFSA?

A: You can find the FAFSA at

Q: Does the school of graduate and Professional studies offer additional work, scholarship, and funding options?

A:  Yes! The School of Graduate and Professional Studies offers Graduate Assistantships to students interested in working at Southern and competitive Graduate Fellowships for students conducting research here at the University. Additional details and requirements are listed within the webpage.

Q: How do I request transcripts from institutions I have attended?

A: Please visit the Transcripts page of the Registrar's Office or contact them directly by email at: or telephone at: (203) 392-5301.

Q: What is the best way to obtain older SAT scores?

A: Information on obtaining older SAT scores is available at CollegeBoard's Request Old Scores.

Q: Where do I get my Student ID Card?

A: ID cards may be obtained in the University Card Office located in the Wintergreen Building, Room 112.

Q: Where do I get my parking permit?

A: Parking permits can be obtained from the University Police Department in Granoff Hall. Students seeking a decal must present a current and VALID STUDENT ID card (Hoot Loot card). Students must know the make, model, year, color, and license plate of their vehicle. For additional information, please visit the Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations page.

Q: How do I set up my campus email account on my smartphone?

For an iPhone:
1. Navigate to the Settings application.
2. Select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
3. Select Add Account.
4. Select Microsoft Exchange
5. Enter the information. 
     • Email:
     • Domain: LEAVE BLANK
     • Username:
     • Password: owls password
     • Description: Anything you choose. This is for you to know what account you are looking at. Commonly this is called Southernct.
6. Click next on the top right.
7. Your phone will verify your settings.
8. Once verified, the same screen will come back again, with an additional field for the server, enter:
9. Your Account will be created

For an Android:
1. Navigate to the Settings application.
2. Scroll to the Accounts Section.
3. Select Add Account.
4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
5. Enter the information.
     • Email: 
     • Password: owls password (then tap next)
     • Domain/username\
     • ExchangeServer
6. Click done.
7. Your phone will ask about Remote Security Settings (click OK).
8. You will then see a screen where you can choose additional settings.

Q: How do I reset my southern password and obtain additional I.T. assistance?

A: You may reset your password using MySCSU.  For other IT help, call the Help Desk at 203.392.5123

Q: What are the health and immunization requirements to attend southern?

A: Information on all required health forms can be found at Health Service Forms. Additional information health services can be found through Student Health Services.

Q: How long can I take to complete my degree?

A: All requirements for a graduate degree at Southern must be completed within a period of six years prior to the granting of the master's degree or sixth year certificate. Students enrolled in the doctoral program have seven years to complete the degree. An extension of the time to complete degree requirements may be only granted if there are compelling extenuating circumstances. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for additional details. This information can be found within the Academic Standards and Regulations section under Time Limitations to Complete Programs.

Q: How do I take a leave of absence or maintain my matriculation while not registering for classes?

A: Learn about leaves of absence and continuous enrollment.

*Any other questions, please call the main office at 203-392-5240.