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Graduate Studies Conditional Acceptance


Policy and Procedure for Recommending Conditional Acceptance

In the professional judgment of the department chairperson and/or graduate program director, if there are special circumstances or extenuating conditions, a department can recommend conditional acceptance of a student who does not meet minimum requirements for admission to the Graduate School.  No more than ten percent of the annual admissions to any graduate program may be in this category.

To recommend an applicant who does not meet minimum Graduate School standards, the department chairperson or graduate program director must:

1.  Provide a written rationale for the conditional acceptance of the student.

2.  Stipulate the conditions, including the time frame which the student must meet in order to be fully accepted.

3.  Note the conditions on the planned program that is sent to the graduate office.

After review of the material, the Graduate Dean will write a letter of conditional acceptance to the student.  The letter will state the conditions which must be fulfilled by the student and the time frame within which the conditions must be fulfilled.  The letter will also state it is the responsibility of the student to notify the department and the Graduate Dean, in writing, when the conditions have been fulfilled.

If the conditions are not met within the stated time frame, the student will be notified that his or her conditional admission has expired and he or she is no longer a matriculated graduate student.