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Graduate Capstone Experiences

Southern's graduate students and faculty collaborate on a host of vital research projects, from student theses and Graduate Fellowships to specialized research in a faculty member's area of expertise.

Our dynamic research activity creates a powerful attraction for grant contributions from the government, private, and corporate sponsors. This section includes links to such research, as well as links to research forms and funding sources.

*** Please note: all the forms should be downloaded and opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat (version 8 or higher) 


Additionally, please download the forms completely and open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat (especially if you are using Google Chrome.) In other words, if the form opens in a new window (within a web browser) do not attempt to fill it out.  Save as a .pdf

Firefox is not a recommended web browser for downloading forms. Please download and fill out the forms, as they apply to your research.

Digital Signatures: In order to digitally sign a form you must create a new digital ID through Adobe. Please refer to the How To Set Up a New Digital ID/Signature document and follow the instructions Adobe provides while creating your ID. This applies for both Mac and PC users. ** ImportantMake a backup copy of your digital ID file. If your digital ID file is lost or corrupted, or if you forget your password, you cannot use that profile to add signatures.

Electronically Submit documents to:

How To Set Up a New Digital ID/Signature

Special Project/Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines

Special Project/Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Form (download & open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat)

Thesis/Dissertation Title Page Form (download & open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat)

Sample Thesis/Dissertation Title Page

Thesis/Dissertation Acceptance Form (download & open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat)

Special Project Acceptance Form (download & open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat)

Doctoral Dissertation or Master's Thesis Submission Form and Instructions

ProQuest -- Frequently Asked Questions 


December 9, 2016 (Fall) 
May 5, 2017 (Spring)
August 10, 2017 (Summer) 

Note: These are the last dates in which the School of Graduate and Professional Studies can ensure that a thesis, dissertation or special project will be processed in time for graduation in the semester in which it is presented. Please note that these dates do not necessarily correspond with the dates set by the registrar for submission of the application for awarding of the degree, which takes into account the time necessary to include the student's name in the Commencement Program.