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Reporting Concerns About Animal Welfare

Southern Connecticut State University is committed to the humane and responsible treatment of all animals that are used for research or teaching.  If you have concerns about animal welfare or non-compliance with any federal, state, or university regulations, please report them to the Research Protection Program (RPP), the Institutional Animal Care and use Committee (IACUC), or the Attending Veterinarian, using the contact information below.  The university is required by law to investigate fully all reports of inappropriate care and use of vertebrate animals.  You may make your report anonymously if you wish.  The Animal Welfare Act prohibits discrimination or reprisal against any individual who reports violations of animal care and use regulations or policies.

Research Protection Program: 203-392-5243

IACUC Chairperson: 203-392-6876

Attending Veterinarian: 203-785-6067