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Southern Connecticut State University

Department of Geography presents:

International Field Study in Iceland

Iceland Program Application (PDF) - Please fill out and return to Engleman Hall A 220.

The Summer Program in Iceland aims to engage students in a field-based exploration of the interrelationships between the economy and the environment. Iceland, a world leader  in innovative environmental policies and energy production, provides a uniquely suitable setting for such an endeavor.

While abroad, students will be lodged at Skalanes, a 1,250-hectare nature preserve and heritage site on lceland's easternmost coast. This field experience focuses on student-centered, active learning and engages students in a number of field activities. The program concludes with a stay in Reykjavik--Iceland's capitol city-- where students will visit a variety of museums and take part in a range of  Icelandic events and activities.

Through this field experience and related individual group projects students will gain a detailed knowledge of the social and environmental factors which continue to influence the development of Icelandic society, and will learn how to apply this knowledge to critically assess nature and society in other contexts. Students will gain valuable experience in research project design and implementation, as well as improve their writing skills through a number of writing workshops.


Students will enroll in the following 2 courses which are both electives in the Geography major/minor.  One of the courses will be offered as a W course which will allow students to fulfill a W requirement linked to an international field experience.

GEO 305: Environmental Economic Geography (3 cr.):

Theory and applications of economic geography to environmental issues. This course outlines four core themes, which all contribute to the understanding of sustainable economic geographies and the roots and compass of an environmental economic geography. The four themes are ecological modernization, natural resources, institutions and environmental governance, and globalization and sustainability.

GEO 470: Field Techniques (3 cr.)

This course involves field study in either the Southern Connecticut region or outside of the United States. Areas are visited and mapped, and techniques of field research are studied with the physical and human aspects of the environment.

For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid (203) 392-5222,

Deposit will be returned to student if application is rejected by Program Director.

Tuition is not included in the program fees. Each student must register for 6 credits at SCSU.

For more information contact:

Dr. C. Patrick Heidkamp
Department of Geography
Morill Hall 118 B




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