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Studio Art Concentration in Photography

The Photography specialization emphasizes an expressive and comprehensive approach to photographic image making.  Students explore the medium's creative potential and place within contemporary art and culture through a diverse curriculum, while also developing technical competency and practical knowledge in a range of techniques.  Courses cover the most current digital technologies, as well as traditional analogue and hybridized processes.  Throughout the program, students are exposed to a variety of specialized topics  such as studio lighting, analogue and digital printmaking, DSLR video, advanced digital image manipulation and bookmaking.  During their final year of the specialization, students expand upon a personalized portfolio towards a senior exhibition, ultimately preparing for a graduate visual art program, a creative commercial field or a life in the arts. 


  • Analogue black & white darkroom for making silver gelatin prints
  • Digital printmaking facility equipped with 6 iMacs loaded with Adobe Creative Suite, Hasselblad Flextight and Epson scanners, Epson large format inkjet printers
  • Students enrolled in photography courses have access to a variety of cameras and lighting equipment such as: Canon 5D Mark III DSLR cameras, medium and large format cameras, strobe lighting kits and video/audio equipment.  Students also have access to a 16 station iMac computer lab in the Art Department


  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Darkroom Techniques
  • Advanced Film Photography
  • Advanced Digital Photography
  • Advanced Photography I
  • Photography Portfolio Development

For more information or questions regarding photography at SCSU, please contact Professor Jeremy Chandler