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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

  • This sequence includes the chemistry courses required for the ACS (American Chemical Society) Approved Bachelor of Science Degree. 
  • Research experience is highly recommended.
  • A total of two upper-level electives (e.g. research) are required with completion of CHE 301/445/496.  At least one elective in chemistry must include laboratory exercises. 
  • Completion of University Requirements and 21-22 elective credits completes the minimum of 120 credits for the degree.        


Requirements and Cognates

Volumetric Flasks


First year 

General Chemistry I & II (CHE 120/121 - fall/spring)

Precalculus (MAT 122 - fall)*
Calculus I (MAT 150 - spring)

Second year 

Organic Chemistry I & II (CHE 260/261 - fall/spring) 
Quantitative Analysis (CHE 240 - fall or spring)
Calculus II & III (MAT 151/252 - fall/spring)
Physics I & II (PHY 230/231 - fall/spring)
Preparation of Scientific Documents for Chemistry (CHE 301)


Third yearMustaqiim Titration

Inorganic Chemistry (CHE 435/436 - fall/spring) 
or Physical Chemistry I & II (CHE 370/371/372/373 - fall/spring)
Biochemistry I (CHE 450 - fall)

Fourth year

Physical Chemistry I & II (CHE 370/371/372/373 - fall/spring) 
or Inorganic Chemistry (CHE 435/436 - fall/spring)
Chemistry Seminar (CHE 496 - fall)
Chemical Hazards and Laboratory Safety (CHE 445 - spring)

Upper-Level Electives

Environmental Chemistry (CHE 340 - spring)
Instrumental Analysis (CHE 440 - spring)
Biochemistry II (CHE 451 - spring)
Medicinal Chemistry (CHE 456 - fall)
Inorganic Chemistry II
Chemical Education
Chemical Research (CHE 490/491 - fall/spring)**

Special Topics (CHE 498 - see current catalogue) 
*Starting point: math placement in Precalculus. Lower placement in MAT may require more than 4 years to complete the degree requirements.
**Research is not a requirement for ACS Approved Degrees or completion of the Chemistry Concentration,             
but meets the lab elective requirement and is strongly suggested as an elective in the fourth year.