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Course Descriptions

Click on the following links to view course descriptions and sample syllabi for undergraduate and graduate chemistry courses offered by the Department of Chemistry: 

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses


CHE 120/121/125 Course Equivalency Examinations

 The Chemistry Department offers students the opportunity to write examinations to receive equivalency credit for CHE 120, CHE 121, and CHE 125. A non-refundable fee of $30 per examination applies and a minimum grade of ranking in the 50th percentile or better for the nationally standardized version of the examination (CHE 120, CHE 121) is required in order to obtain a passing grade for the course. (The examination for CHE 125 is not the standardized exam offered by the ACS and 50% is required for a passing grade).

Documentation of prior coursework in chemistry is required and must include a laboratory component to be eligible for the examination.  Course credit will be awarded as a waiver and will not be a component of GPA calculations.

Examinations are offered during the week prior to the start of classes in the fall and/or spring semesters depending on expressed interest.  Interested students must contact the department secretary for specific scheduling details and arrange to pay appropriate fees prior to the examination.

Please click here for the syllabi for CHE 120, CHE 121, and CHE 125.



Summer Courses

The Chemistry Department regularly offers the following courses during the summer:

Summer Session A: CHE 101, CHE 120, CHE 260, CHE 262, CHE 450

Summer Session B: CHE 103, CHE 121, CHE 261, CHE 263

Please visit the SCSU Summer Sesssion webpage to register.