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Dr. Greg Kowalczyk - General Chemistry/Environmental Chemistry

Greg KowalczykABOUT ME

I am an associate professor in the Chemistry Department at Southern Connecticut State University.  My interests include the environmental analysis of trace metal concentrations in materials generated as wastes in everyday life.  My teaching responsibilities include Quantitative Analysis, Environmental Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Principles of General, Organic and Biochemistry.



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Office: Jennings Hall 305
Phone: (203) 392-6268 
Fax: (203) 392-6396


Ph.D., University of Maryland
B.S., Wayne State University 



Adjunct Professor, Naugatuck Valley Community College, 1998-2002
Senior Environmental Analyst, The United Illuminating Company, CT, 1989-1999 Senior Scientist, Northeast Utilities, CT, 1979-1989


Professional Interests

My professional interests involve the use of trace elemental patterns to distinguish natural from anthropogenic sources in the environment.  Metals in various media are analyzed by Atomic Absorption and the method can be applied to air, water or soil materials.  My research also involves the speciation of primarily metals to determine toxic effects and bioavailability.



CHE 120 General Chemistry I
CHE 121 General Chemistry II
CHE 125 Principles and Applications of General, Organic, and Biochemistry
CHE 240 Quantitative Analysis
CHE 340 Environmental Chemistry
CHE 445 Chemical Hazards and Laboratory Safety
CHE 496 Chemistry Seminar
CHE 547 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry
CHE 560 Advanced Environmental Chemistry



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