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Chemistry Graduate Courses

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CHE 500-501 - Advanced Organic Chemistry I, II

CHE 501 Sample course syllabus (click here) 
The theoretical basis of the mechanistic pathways followed by the common organic reactions is given in the first part of this course. The second part organizes the variety of organic reactions into logical patterns and applies these to synthetic pathways and methods of synthesizing other organic compounds. Prerequisites: CHE 260-261 and CHE 370-371 or departmental permission. CHE 500 scheduled to be offered in spring 2011 and 2013 semesters. CHE 501 scheduled spring 2012. 3 credits each.

CHE 508 - Special Topics in Organic Chemistry

No syllabus available
Selected topics of current importance in organic chemistry. Prerequisite: CHE 500 or departmental permission. Scheduled irregularly. 3 credits.

CHE 510 - Polymer Chemistry I

No syllabus available
Systematic study of the nature and properties of polymers. Prerequisites: CHE 260-261 and CHE 370-371. Scheduled irregularly. 3 credits.

CHE 520 - Advanced Physical Chemistry

CHE 520 Sample course syllabus (click here)
Elementary principles of quantum and statistical mechanics as applied to chemical systems. Applications of group theory to molecular symmetry and molecular spectroscopy. Prerequisites: CHE 260-261 and 370-371, and MAT 151. Scheduled to be offered fall 2011 and fall 2013. 3 credits.

CHE 528 - Special Topics in Physical Chemistry

No syllabus available
Selected topics of current importance in physical chemistry. Prerequisite: CHE 520. Scheduled irregularly. 3 credits.

CHE 532-533 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I, II

CHE 532 Sample course syllabus (click here)
Presentation of the theoretical and descriptive aspects of the chemical elements given at an advanced level. Particular emphasis is placed on the theoretical basis for physical and chemical properties of the elements. Prerequisites: CHE 370-371. CHE 532 scheduled for spring 2012 and 2014. CHE 533 is scheduled irregularly. 3 credits each.

CHE 536 - Coordination Chemistry

No syllabus available
The preparation, structure, chemical and physical properties of coordination compounds. Modern methods of determining structure and current theoretical principles. Prerequisites: CHE 520 and CHE 532. Scheduled irregularly. 3 credits. 

CHE 537 - Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

No syllabus available
Selected topics of current interest in inorganic chemistry. Prerequisite: CHE 532 or departmental permission. Scheduled irregularly. 3 credits.

CHE 540 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry

No syllabus available
An advanced course in the use of modern instrumentation involving both spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques for the solution of chemical problems. The emphasis will be on the applications of each instrumental method. Prerequisites: CHE 371 and CHE 440 or departmental permission. Scheduled fall 2012 and 2014. 3 credits.

CHE 547 - Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry

No syllabus available
Selected topics of current importance in analytical chemistry. Scheduled irregularly. 3 credits.

CHE 550-551 - Advanced Biochemistry I, II

CHE 550 Sample course syllabus (click here)
Structure and functioning of organisms, tissues, and cells from a chemical point of view. The physical-chemical basis for modern understanding of the structure of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, and the general metabolism of biological compounds. Prerequisite: graduate standing or departmental permission. CHE 550 scheduled fall 2010 and fall 2012. CHE 551 is schedule irregularly. 3 credits each.

CHE 560 - Advanced Environmental Chemistry

No syllabus available
Study of natural and anthropogenic sources of chemicals on the aquatic, atmospheric, and soil chemistry in the environment. Prerequisites: CHE 370 and 371. Scheduled fall 2011 and fall 2013. 3 credits.

CHE 588 - Scientific Writing and Research Methods

Sample course syllabus (click here)
Developing research methods and skills for the interpretation of the chemical literature for the preparation of scientific documents and presentations. Hands-on computer training using current online literature resources and recent discipline-specific computer programs. Prerequisite: Matriculated graduate student in thesis track. 3 credits.

CHE 589 - Research Thesis Proposal

Sample course syllabus (click here)
Develop a thesis proposal according to accepted style guidelines including a current literature review of the thesis topic and a description of the experimental design. Prerequisite: CHE 588. Special conditions: completion in one semester. 3 credits.

CHE 590 - Research

Sample course syllabus (click here)
Laboratory investigation conducted under the supervision of a member of the chemistry department. Prerequisite: departmental permission. 3 credits.

CHE 591 - Research Thesis

Sample course syllabus (click here)
Completion of the written thesis and an oral defense of the research completed in the thesis. Prerequisite: CHE 590. 3 credits.

CHE 592 - Chemical Education

Sample course syllabus (click here)
This class will discuss various issues, activities, and research in chemical education, including history of curricula, student and teacher knowledge and beliefs, epistemological and cognitive bases of science learning, and related instructional approaches. This class will involve extensive reading, writing, discussion, and reflection on the current issues and trends in chemical education. 

CHE 600 - Independent Study in Chemistry

No syllabus available 
Independent research under faculty supervision. Prerequisite: departmental permission. 1-3 credits.
The following courses have been approved but are not scheduled for 2013-2014.

CHE 502 - Advanced Organic Synthesis

CHE 503 - Heterocyclic Chemistry

CHE 509 - Natural Products