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From left to right: Brandon Halbert, Mario Luis, Francesca Castro, Dr. Todd Ryder, Manette Macias and Tracy Turcotte participate in the hooding ceremony during Graduate Commencement 2018.






Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Ericka C. Barnes                                                                             
Telephone: (203) 392-6267                                                                          

For information on our Graduate Program, please contact or make an appointment with the Graduate Program Coordinator, or view the Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook, or visit the School of Graduate Studies Open House (click here for info).

Below is a summary of our Graduate Program and admission requirements.    


Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

The Master of Science program in chemistry offers students the opportunity to complete graduate studies in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, organic chemistry, or physical chemistry. Course work in the program, except in unusual circumstances, cannot begin until the student has an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and has completed General Chemistry I/II, Organic Chemistry I/II, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry I/II.

There are three tracks for the Master of Science degree in Chemistry: thesis track, comprehensive exam track, and the professional science masters (PSM) track. The thesis and comprehensive exam tracks require a completion of a total of 30 credits, while the PSM track requires a completion of a total of 36 credits. No matter which track is taken, all students in the program must complete the following six core courses with a "B" or better average.  All requirements must be completed within a six-year period.    

Core Courses:

CHE 500 - Advanced Organic Chemistry 
CHE 520 - Advanced Physical Chemistry 
CHE 532 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 
CHE 540 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry 
CHE 550 - Advanced Biochemistry  
CHE 560 - Advanced Environmental Chemistry 

Core courses are offered on a two-year rotating schedule. In addition, one or two elective courses are offered each semester, and topics vary according to a five-year rotating schedule. 

(Click here to view the current 5-year graduate course rotation schedule)  

To view recent graduate course syllabi, click here


Track A - Master's Thesis


In addition to the core courses (18 credits), Track A requires a thesis (12 credits). Students enroll in CHE 588 (Scientific Writing and Research Methods) and then must complete the Thesis Proposal (CHE 589) prior to beginning laboratory research. The thesis is based on experimental research acceptable to the department (CHE 590). Completion of the thesis is followed by a thesis defense (CHE 591).  

Thesis Courses

CHE 588 - Scientific Writing and Research Methods
CHE 589 - Thesis Proposal
CHE 590 - Thesis Research
CHE 591 - Thesis Defense 

Track B - Comprehensive Examination

In addition to the core courses, Track B requires an additional 12 graduate credits of elective coursework as well as successful passage of a comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination consists of questions associated with the core courses and is held twice a year.   

For the next scheduled comprehensive exam, please contact the graduate program coordinator.    

Elective Courses

Of the required four elective courses, at least one must be a graduate chemistry course (CHE 5xx). Up to two courses may be undergraduate chemistry courses (must be at the 300 or above level) and up to two courses may be graduate courses in related areas (e.g., computer science, physics, biology, etc.). In addition, two courses may be transferred from another University. A full listing of elective courses can be found in the Graduate Catalog and at this link. Please always consult with the graduate coordinator prior to registering for an elective course.


Track C - Professional Science Masters 

In addition to the core courses, the Comprehensive Exam Plan of Track C requires an additional 18 graduate credits of MBA coursework as well as successful passage of a comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination consists of questions associated with the core courses and is held twice a year.  

    The required courses from the MBA program include:   

MBA 500 - Management Process
    MBA 502 - Statistical Decision Making
    MBA 505 - Marketing Management
MBA 537 - Product Management
MBA 548 - Operations Management
MBA 551 - Business Ecological Sustainability


The Thesis Plan of Track C requires 15 graduate credits of MBA coursework as well as CHE 590 (Thesis Research) and 591 (Thesis Defense). Student must have a demonstrated ability and proven track record of preparing scientific documents such as a thesis, dissertation, or scientific publication in the American Chemical Society (ACS) style.

The three required MBA courses under this plan are:  
MBA 500 - Management Process
    MBA 502 - Statistical Decision Making (Pre-req: ECO 221)
MBA 505 - Marketing Management
Then, choose two MBA courses from the three below:
    MBA 537 - Product Management (Pre-req: MBA 505)
MBA 548 - Operations Management (Pre-reqs: MBA 500 and 502)
MBA 551 - Business Ecological Sustainability


The Special Projects Plan of Track C requires 12 graduate credits of MBA coursework as well as a six-credit joint capstone project (CHE 600) mentored by the Chemistry and Business Department faculty members. The required MBA courses under this plan will be:

    MBA 502 - Statistical Decision Making
    MBA 510 - Project Management
MBA 521 - Business Analysis and Start-Up
MBA 538 - Marketing Analysis and Measurement

A written proposal/report in ACS style is required at the end of the first semester of CHE 600, while a written report in ACS style and oral defense are required at the end of the second semester of CHE 600.


Competitive SCSU Graduate Fellowships

Please click here for more information on the Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) and Graduate Student Graduate Assistantship (GSGA). Each award is in the amount of $12,000 for the academic year.

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