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Chemical Safety

The SCSU Chemistry Department recognizes the need to put safety first in all of its teaching and research endeavors. Routine procedures such as, but not limited to, the following are implemented:

  • Weekly and monthly lab and waste inspections
  • Standard operating procedures for storing chemicals, operating laboratory equipment, and highly toxic chemicals
  • OSHA "Right-to-Know" training for all faculty and staff
  • Instruction and handouts on "Laboratory Safety Rules" and "Student Conduct" provided to all General Chemistry laboratory students
  • Students advised of safety issues at the beginning of each experiment
  • Safety Data Sheets in every teaching and research laboratory

For the complete list of 17 recommendations made by the ACS white paper on "Creating Safety Cultures in Academics Institutions," please click here (scroll to page 7). For questions regarding compliance of the Department with these recommendations, please contact Janet Sanford at

In addition, the Chemical Safety Committee was formed to assure the safe acquisition, use and disposal of all hazardous chemicals housed in the Chemistry Department. It is the responsibility of the Committee to establish appropriate health and safety guidelines in accordance with federal and state regulations, as well as American Chemistry Society (ACS) guidelines that cover chemical safety.

Committee Members

Janet Sanford
Adiel Coca
Greg Kowalczyk