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why communication?

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Skills That Resonate with Employers
Graduating with a degree in Communication from SCSU ensures that you have the top notch skills that employers are looking for. What good is having a great idea if you can't communicate it effectively? Companies want employees who can work as members of a team and exude professionalism. Majoring in Communication, regardless of your concentration, ensures that you will graduate with these abilities and so many more.

Hands-On Coursework
Whether it is working in small groups to solve a community problem, designing an advertising campaign for a client, or showcasing your short-film at a local festival, Communication courses provide you with the opportunity to practically apply your knowledge. Communication majors never ask "when will I ever use this?" because the coursework is designed to include assignments that put that question to rest. The capstone course also provides opportunities for students to take charge of their education by engaging in projects of their creation that strengthen their abilities to practically apply the skills learned throughout their Communication courses.

Concentrations That Delve into Your Field of Interest
Although there are a few core courses that every Communication major must take, students choose a concentration that enables them to focus on a specific area of interest. Students can choose to concentrate on: Personal and Professional Communication, Advertising and Promotions, or Film, Television and Digital Production. Each concentration is designed to provide an in-depth look into that particular field through theory and practical application.

Undecided? Choose COM!
According to a 2014 study by Abel and Deitz, over 25 percent of college graduates had careers that were not related to their major. Why not engage in a major that provides you with skills that transfer across all job fields? Check out what the National Communication Association has to say about why you should choose COM.