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Master in Computer Science Program


Software Development and Network & Information SECURITY

The Computer Science Department at Southern Connecticut State University is now offering a Masters of Science in Computer Science with a new core and the option of two new concentrations in either Software Development or Network and Information Security. The program is intended for computer professionals and for those who wish to move into the computer field from other areas of study.


It is expected that all graduate candidates have the programming knowledge and skills in a high level programming language through the topic of data structures.  For those lacking this prerequisite, a 4-credit accelerated programming course (CSC 505: Computer Programming & Data Structures) is offered by the department on a regular basis.

The Program

The computer science program is committed to a "breadth and depth" approach - requiring students to study beyond their chosen areas of specialization. The 36-credit degree includes the following 4 core requirements (12 credits) that all students must take:

  • CSC 540 Database Systems
  • CSC 543 Web Programming
  • CSC 563: Multithreaded Distributed Programming
  • CSC 565: Computer Networks

These courses provide the foundation for advanced studies in each of the concentrations and for the capstone experience:

The Concentrations

Network & Information Security

 This cybersecurity concentration will prepare students with a solid foundation of information assurance along with the skills to install security software, monitor networks for security breaches, respond to cyber attacks, and gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cyber crime.

The following courses are required for this concentration (18 credits)

  • CSC 555: Principles of Information Security
  • CSC 558: Network Security
  • CSC 568: Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • CSC 578: Secure Systems
  • 2 non-core elective courses (3 credits each)

Software Development

 The concentration in software development focuses on software engineering techniques, advanced database systems, mobile software development along with an emphasis on strategies, methods and techniques to measure and improve software quality.

The following courses are required for this concentration (18 credits)

  • CSC 535: Software Engineering
  • CSC 545: Advanced Database Systems
  • CSC 550: Fundamentals of Mobile Application Development
  • CSC 560:  Software Quality
  • 2 non-core elective courses (3 credits each)


The capstone requirement is a 6-credit thesis experience in which students show their ability to perform independent research at the graduate level.