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Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Course Name
CSC101 Introduction to Computers and Applications
CSC102 BASIC Programming: Programming in BASIC
CSC104 Web Technology
CSC152 Computer Programming I
CSC153 Computer Programming II
CSC200 Information Management and Productivity Software
CSC206 Web Scripting
CSC207 Computer Systems
CSC212 Data Structures
CSC305 Computer Organization
CSC306 Internet Multimedia
CSC310 Multimedia Systems
CSC321 Algorithm Design and Analysis
CSC324W Computer Ethics
CSC330 Software Design and Development
CSC334 Human Computer Interactions
CSC335 Database Management Systems Design
CSC341 Digital Imaging
CSC380 Network Technology
CSC400W Computer Science Project Seminar
CSC424 System Administration
CSC425 Operating Systems
CSC431 Computer Graphics
CSC443 Fundamentals of Internet Programming
CSC453 Information Security
CSC463 Development of Distributed and E-Commerce Applications
CSC465 Communications and Networks
CSC476 Fundamentals of Data Warehousing
CSC477 Fundamentals of Data Mining
CSC481 Artificial Intelligence
CSC499 Independent Study and Research