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Dr. James Fullmer

fullmerAssociate Professor of Earth Science

Education: B.S., Drexel University; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of Specialization: Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology, Stellar and Radio Astronomy

Contact information:Morrill Hall

Office:  218B Science and Lab Building
Office Phone: (203) 392-5841
Department Phone: (203) 392-5835
Fax: (203) 392-6885

mailing address

Department of Earth Science
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515


Fullmer J.W.A. (1982) The Baroclinic Instability of Highly Structured One Dimensional Basic States." Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 39: 2371-2387.

Fullmer J.W.A. (1982)  Calculations of the Quasi-Geostrophic Potential Vorticity Gradient from Climatological Data.  Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 39 (1982): 1873-1877.

Fullmer J.W.A. (1970) A Small Radio Component in the Planetary Nebula NGC7027. Astrophysical Letters 6: 17-19.