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Bachelor of Science in Geography

Concentration in Applied Sustainability  

The BS in Geography with a concentration in Applied Sustainability prepares students to address complex environmental and societal challenges of the twenty-first century. Majors learn valuable spatial analysis skills through core geography courses. This spatial perspective is then applied to human-environmental issues in GEO 303: Principles of Sustainability and GEO 403: Applied Sustainability and a number of elective courses. The concentration includes fieldwork and applied project-based learning to prepare students for growing career opportunities in the green economy. Students will be well prepared for careers in private industry, government, and/or for graduate study.

Concentration  in Geographic Information Science and Technology

The BS in Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Science and technology prepares students for employment and/or graduate school in the rapidly expanding geospatial technology sector. After completion of the geography core, students will take advanced coursework in Geographic Information Systems, Geospatial Analysis and Data Visualization, Remote Sensing and/or Field Techniques. This program has an applied focus and aims to engage students through hands-on projects using the latest geospatial technologies.


This program prepares students for Initial Teacher certification in History and the Social Sciences. Students learn valuable spatial analysis skills through core geography courses and supplement their education with relevant courses in History and in Education. Students interested in this program are encouraged to seek advisement early in order to make sure to enroll in relevant LEP courses early in their undergraduate program. For specific professional requirements for Initial Teaching Certification in Connecticut please contact the School of Education. Passing of Praxis II is one of the prerequisites for student-teaching. Students who do not pass the exam will need to switch to the B.A. degree program.

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