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English Department Transfer-Waiver Policy

This page explains the procedures for requesting a transfer-waiver for an English Department course other than First-Year Composition (ENG 110 or 112). For questions about composition transfer credit, see the contact information here.

If you have completed an English course at another college or university that you believe is equivalent to an SCSU English course and/or should fulfill an SCSU English university requirement, English major requirement, or English minor requirement:

1) Check the SCSU Admissions Office's Transfer Equivalency web page.  The English Department will not overturn equivalencies listed on this site.

2) If the college or university at which you took the course in question is not listed on the Transfer Equivalency webpage, please assemble the following materials for English Department review:

a) For transfer students, a copy of your Transfer Evaluation Worksheet (the course-by-course transfer credit evaluation you received from the Admissions office when you were admitted to SCSU--NOT your SCSU transcript.  If you have lost it, request a replacement from the Admissions Office or the Registrar's Office);

b) A copy of the catalog description of the course you took at another institution (or a web address and page reference for the catalog course description);

c) If possible, a copy of the syllabus for the course--even if the syllabus is for a different semester from the one in which you took the course; 

d) A brief cover note, including:

• an explanation of what result you hope to achieve (i.e., Which course should we be looking at?  What SCSU course or requirement do you hope to have fulfilled or waived?)

• your name and student identification number

• your phone number and email 

3) Submit assembled materials to: Professor Paul R. Petrie, Assistant Chair, English Department, Engleman D-265C.

Updated September 2009.