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Stephen Larocco, Ph.D.


Professor of English 

Theory, 17th Century Literature

Office: Engleman Hall D239
Phone: 203.392.9636






Ph.D., Rice University
M.A., Rice University
B.A., University of Massachusetts

About Professor Larocco

My interests are broadly interdisciplinary.  I am currently writing a book on forgiveness, and have also a half completed book an emotions and ethics.  Literature has many stories to tell about how the world works, but so does sociology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, ethology, economics and many other disciplines.  I’m interested in all of them.  And I also love the literature of the 17th century in Britain.  It is wild, tense, ambitious, agonized, funny, and often afire in ways it didn’t intend.  Unlike Milton, I am in paradise and I haven’t lost it yet.

Recent Courses Taught

ENG 484 - Milton
ENG 508 - Contemporary Theory (Grad)
ENG 586 - Community in Theory (Grad)
ENG 452 - Renaissance in England
ENG 454 - 17th C. British Writers
ENG 452 - Renaissance in England
ENG 454 - 17th C. British Writers
ENG 217 – Introduction to Literatur
INQ 100 - Inquiry 
Psychoanalysis and Film (Winter Session)

Selected Publications and Presentations

 “Postmodern Shame:  Self-effects and emergent productions,” in Doing Psychology Under New Conditions.  Eds.  Athanasios Marvakis, Johanna Motzkau, DesmondPainter, Rose Ruto-Korir, Gavin Sullivan, Sofia Triliva, Martin Weiser.Ontario:  Captus, 2013. 

“Forgiveness, Ambivalence and the Interplay of Reciprocity and Extravagance,” in Forgiveness:  Boundaries and Paradoxes in Philosophy, Culture, and Psychology. Ed.  Charles Nuckolls. Forthcoming 2013.

“Shame, Mimesis and the Annihilation of Life as Bios,” in Rethinking Mimesis:  Concepts and Practices of Literary Representation.  Eds. S. Isomaa,S. Kivistö, P. Lyytikäinen, S. Nyqvist, M. Polvinen and R. Rossi.  Cambridge, UK:  Cambridge Scholars P, 2012.

“Ideology beyond Marx:  shame, disambiguation and the social fashioning of reparation,” Annual Review of Critical Psychology 9 (2011): 84-91.

“Forgiveness: a quiet assault on the malicious,” in Forgiveness in Perspective. Ed. Christopher Allers and Marieke Smit.  Amsterdam:  Rodopi, 2010.