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Minoring in English

Overview of the English minor


The English minor at Southern consists of 18 credits, which allow students to focus on the history of British, American, and Multicultural literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing. 

English minors take at least 6 courses in the minor, in one of the following specializations:

• 307 Literary Analysis for English Majors
• One course in multicultural literature (300- or 400-level, not including ENG 317)
• Four or more literature courses (300- or 400-level) of your choice in literature (ENG and/or LIT)

Creative Writing
• 307 Literary Analysis for English Majors
• One course (300- or 400-level) in modern or contemporary literature (20th or 21st century)
• Four courses in the writing of fiction and/or poetry (not including ENG 201)

Professional Writing
• Four courses in professional writing (ENG)
• One cognate in journalism (JRN)
• One cognate in media studies (MDS)

Renaissance Studies
This is an interdisciplinary program at SCSU. The minor is based on a combination of your interests and consultation with the program coordinator.
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• Three courses in Historical and Intellectual Foundations of the Renaissance
• Three courses in The Renaissance Imagination

English - Language, Literature, and Writing
Education majors who wish to minor in English can select this minor. See Specifics.
•307 Literary Analysis for English Majors
•Courses in Grammar and Young Adult Literature
• Three courses (300- or 400-level ENG and/or LIT)

To declare a minor in English, visit the English Department office at Engleman D265A.