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Forensic Science Minor


Forensic Anthropology Lab

The interdisciplinary minor in Forensic Science is an 18-credit minor that presents a broad, integrated view of the various sub-disciplines in forensic science.

The minor is jointly sponsored by the Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Sociology departments. Please contact Dr. Valerie Andrushko in the Department of Anthropology ( with questions  or if you are interested in declaring the minor.

    The minor is composed of one required course (ANT 252: Introduction to Forensic Science) and five courses from the following list:
  • ANT 322 - Forensic Anthropology
  • ANT 352 - Crime Scene Investigation
  • ANT 442 - Advanced Forensic Anthropology
  • BIO 205 - Forensic Biology
  • CHE 103 - Crime Scene Chemistry
  • PSY 492 - Psychology and Law
  • SOC 362 - Criminology

Contact Us

Valerie Andrushko, coordinator
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Phone: (203) 392-5687