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History Social Science Coordinator

Dr. Marie McDaniel


Phone : 203-392-5158


Students must apply for the post bacc program by April 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.


This program is designed to provide secondary teacher certification to those already holding a bachelor’s degree in history or a related social science field. Applicants are expected to have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university in either the discipline of History or the Social Sciences (see below)
  • an overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0
  • 3 credits in US Survey with a grade point average of 3.0
  • 15 additional credits in history coursework with a grade point average of 3.0
  • 3 credits in political science
  • 3 credits in geography
  • 3 credits in economics
  • 3 credits in psychology
  • 3 credits in technology
  • 39 credits in general academic credits, with courses in five of the following six areas: natural sciences; social studies; fine arts; English; mathematics; foreign language.

 NOTE: Candidates with bachelor’s degrees in other fields, or without the prerequisite courses, are encouraged to pursue a Masters (MA) in History before the Post-Baccalaureate certification.

 Candidates who meet the entrance requirements must complete an application package which consists of:

  • a School of Graduate Studies application, which may be submitted online  
  • official transcripts from all previous institutions
  • an application fee
  • a 500-word admission essay (see below)
  • two letters of recommendation (see below)
  • PRAXIS CORE exam or waiver (see below)
  • PRAXIS II: Social Science Content (see below)

All submission materials can be submitted through the online application process.

Candidates pursuing a post-baccalaureate certification are expected to have a 3.0 GPA prior to admission, and maintain it during the program. Candidates for certification will also be expected to fulfill the admissions requirements for the School of Education (background checks, fingerprinting, recommendation letters, essays, TK20, EdTPA, and remediation). In addition, candidates will be expected to fulfill the admission requirements for the Graduate School, and submit a portfolio prior to student teaching that will include passing scores for PRAXIS II, two letters of recommendation, lesson plans, and essays on teaching. Candidates will also be interviewed by the social studies program coordinators. Lastly, students will be responsible for applying to the State of Connecticut for initial certification at the end of the program

 Interested applicants who do not meet school or departmental requirements should consult with the History Social Studies Coordinator before taking courses as a non-matriculated student.

 Admission Essay:

In a concise and carefully crafted 500-word essay, explain why you want to become a teacher and discuss the following statements, in no particular order:

  • What people or events influenced your decision to teach history?
  • When, or under what circumstances, did you first develop an interest in history?
  • What qualities do you possess that would make you a good social studies teacher?
  • How do the teacher’s personal and professional expectations and capacities influence the motivation, positive learning results, and achievement of students?
  • How are teachers at their targeted grade levels responsible for integrating authentic literacy instruction across disciplines?
  • How can teachers reach out to all students? What do you think they can do to reach out to students who are not initially successful?
  • How can teachers promote creativity and curiosity in students’ learning?

 The essay must be typed using a Times New Roman or similar font, 12 point, single-spaced. Do not answer each of the questions separately; rather write a single coherent essay. Please note that the essay also serves as a writing sample, so it is important to submit a clean piece of writing, free of stylistic and grammatical errors.

 Letters of Recommendation:

These letters must indicate the candidate’s potential as a future teacher. At least one of these letters should come from a person qualified to assess the candidate’s academic ability. Letters from friends and/or family members are not acceptable.

 Praxis Exams

PRAXIS CORE is a School of Education-required examination for candidates wishing to pursue certification in any subject area. All candidates must pass, or have waived, PRAXIS CORE. Information on PRAXIS CORE, including when it is offered and how to register, or how to seek a waiver can be found at and select the state of Connecticut. Information on eligibility for a waiver of PRAXIS CORE can be found at

PRAXIS II is a School of Education-required examination for candidates wishing to pursue certification in Social Studies. It is the Social Studies Content Knowledge exam (0081 or 5081). All applicants must pass PRAXIS II with a score of 162 or above before being accepted into the Teacher Certification program.

 Note that it takes approximately four weeks, sometimes longer, to receive your test results. If applying for a waiver, it may take four to six weeks to receive a confirmation letter from the State of Connecticut. Therefore, it is imperative that this requirement be taken care of as soon as possible.


The program of study for the post-baccalaureate consists of 33 credits:

- Professional Education Courses (12 credits total)

  • EDU 200: Teachers, Schools, and Society
  • EDU 316: Child Development and Psychology for Educators
  • SED 482: Teaching Exceptional Students: Secondary
  • EDU 413: Secondary Education

-  CT Statutory Requirements (6 credits total)

  • SHE 203: School Health