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Dr. Marie Basile McDaniel

Assistant Professor of History


Image of Marie Basile McDaniel

Office: EN C211D
Phone: (203) 392-5158


PhD, University of California, Davis 2010
MA, University of California, Davis 2006
AB, Princeton University 2001 


Book, We Shall Not Differ in Heaven: Religious Conflicts and Connections in Early America. [In Submission]

Article, "Old Churches in Penn's's City" [under review]

Article, "'Mixt Marriages': Intermarriage in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania" [under review]

Essay, "Immigration and Migration (Colonial Era)" Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

Book Review, Patrick Eriben's A Harmony of Spirits, William and Mary Quarterly, Winter 2013

Book Review, ed. Richard Buel Jr's, The Peopling of New Connecticut, Fall 2013

Book Review, ed. Michele Gillespie and Robert Beachy's Pious Pursuits, Journal of American Ethnic History, Spring 2014

Book Review, Katherine Carte Engel's Religion and Profit, William and Mary Quarterly, Summer 2012

Article, "Choosing Identity: Communities for German-Speakers in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia" in "A Peculiar Mixture": German-Speaking People in the Greater Mid-Atlantic Region from 1709 to the Revolution. (University Park Pennsylavian: Penn State University Press, 2012)

Book Review, ed. Hans-Jurgen Grabbe's Halle Pietism, Colonial North America and the Young United States, Journal of the Early Republic, Winter 2009

Book Review, Rosemarie Zagarri's Revolutionary Backlash, H-Women, November 2009

Book Review, Jon Butler's New World Faiths, Pennsylvania History, Fall 2009

Entries, American Women's History: An Encyclopedia, "First Great Awakening," "Indentured Servants," "Loyalist Women," "Moravians and Moravianism," "Utopian Communities" and "Lucy Wright", published Facts on File 2009

Book review, Garrett Eps' Democracy Reborn, Enterprise and Society, Summer 2008

Book review, Adrienne Hood's The Weaver's Craft, Enterprise and Society, Spring 2006

Teaching and Research Interests

Colonial America, American Revolution, Atlantic History, Women and Family, Religion and Ethnicity,  Early American Identity


HIS 110 US History I to 1865
HIS 204 US Family
HIS 260: American Revolution
HIS 262: Connecticut History 
HIS 350: Colonial America
HIS 450: Narrative History
HIS 496: Student-teaching Seminar
HIS 551: Colonial American
HIS 552: American Revolution