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Dr. Michele Thompson

PROFESSOR OF HISTORY                                   Picture of Dr. Thompson

Office:  EN C219D
Phone: 203-392-5614


PhD, University of Washington
MA, University of Alabama
BA, University of Alabama 


Monograph "Vietnamese Traditional Medicine: a Social History."  National Univ. of Singapore Press, 2015.

Edited Volume "Translating the Body:Medical Education in Southeast Asia" co edited with Hans Pols and John Harley Warner, forthcoming 2016, National University of Singapore Press.

Translation "Selections from Tue Tinh (c1330-c 1389) Miraculous Drugs of the South, the importance of Local Materia Medica to Vietnamese Traditional Medicine" in C. Pierce Salruero ed. Sourcebook of Buddhism and Healing: South, Central, and Southeast Asia forthcoming Columbia Univ. Press.

Edited Volume "Southern Medicine for Southern People: Vietnamese Medicine in the Making" Cambridge Scholars Publications, 2012. Co-Edited with Laurence Monnais and Ayo Wahlberg.

Article "Would a Saola by any other Name still be a Saola: Appropriating Rare Animals, Expropriating Minority Peoples" in Hue-Tam Ho Tai and Mark Sidel ed. State, Society and the Market in Contemporary
Vietnam: Property, Power and Values London: Routledge, 2013.

Article, "Tue Tinh Vietnamese Monk-Physician at the Ming Court" in Linda L. Barnes and TJ Hinrichs eds. The Illustrated History of Chinese Medicine and Healing. (Harvard University Press, January 2013)

Article "Setting the Stage: Ancient Medical History of the Geographic Space that is now Vietnam" in Laurence
Monnais, C. Michele Thompson, and Ayo Wahlberg eds. Southern Medicine for Southern People:
Vietnamese Medicine in the Making Cambridge: Cambridge Scholarly Publications, 2012.

Article, "The Nguyễn Initiative to Acquire Vaccinia, 1820-21" In Global Movements, Local Concerns: Medicine and Health in Southeast Asia Harold J. Cook and Laurence Monnais eds. (National University of
Singapore Press, 2012).

Article, "Jean Marie Despiau: Much Maligned Physician in the Service of the Nguyen Dynasty" in Wynn Wilcox ed. Vietnam and the West: New Approaches. (Ithaca: Cornell Southeast Asia Publications, 2010).

Article, "Sinification as Limitation: Minh Mang's prohibition on use of Nom and the resulting marginalization of Nom medical texts," in Florence Bretelle ed. Looking at it from Asia: The processes that shaped the sources of History of Science. Vo. 265 of Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science (Boston: Springer, 2010).



SE Asia, History of Science, Medicine and Technology, Comparative Colonialisms


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