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Dr. Troy Rondinone

Professor of History
Secondary Educaton Social Studies Certification Co-Coordinator 

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Office: EN C211B
Phone: (203) 392-8836


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles 2003
MA, University of California, Los Angeles 2000
California State Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 1997
BA, Sonoma State University 1995 

Selected Publication

Book, Gaspar Indio Ortega and the Friday Night Fights [work in-progress]

Book, The Great Industrial War: Framing Class Conflict in the Media, 1865-1950 (Rutgers 2009)

Book Chapters 10, 11, and 22 in The American Odyssey: A History of the United States (K-12 Publications 2009)

Article, "The Persistence of Republicanism: Class War Talk, American Style," with Graham Cassano, Labor Studies Journal, Fall 2009

Article, "Guarding the Switch: Cultivating Nationalism during the Pullman Strike," Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 2009

Article, "'History Repeats Itself': The Civil War and the Meaning of Labor Conflict in the Late 19th Century," American Quarterly, 2007

Article, "The Invasion from Bentonville: Wal-Mart Comes to Connecticut," Connecticut History, 2006

Article, "Teaching Wal-Mart: Making Sense of a Global Corporation in a Small State," Connecticut History, 2006

Teaching and Research Interests:

Labor History, American Radicalism, Economic History, Media Studies, Cultural Studies


HIS 110: US History I to 1865
HIS 111: US History II Since 1877
HIS 311: Workers in America I
HIS 312: Workers in America II
HIS 353: Roots of Modern America: 1828-1865
HIS 513: Transformation of America 1877-1919
HIS 566: American Radicalism
EDU 494: Social Studies Methods
EDU 453: Student-Teaching Seminar