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honors college courses

The following is a list of courses students typically take during their four years in the Honors College . The program is individualized and flexible enough to allow members to work with their advisors to create programs addressing their special interests and needs. fall leaves on campusEach semester a selection of courses is selected from the list, not all are offered every semester.

Courses designed for first-semester freshmen:

   HON 150: Introduction to Critical Inquiry

   HON 280: The Research Act - Encounter of Theory & Fact

Courses for freshmen and sophomores:

 HON 210: The Idea of Self -The Ancient World 

 HON 220: The Idea of Self: Middle Ages to Renaissance

 HON 230: Cultures and Nationalism from 1750-1918

 HON 231: Religion and Sexuality in America

 HON 232: Reform and Its Nemesis: The American Experience

 HON 240: The Non-Western World

 HON 250: The Idea of the City

 HON 251: Race and Ethnicity in the 20th Century

 HON 252: Twentieth Century's Flower of Irony

 HON 253: Society and Politics as Theatre

 HON 254: The World of Utopias and Dystopias

 HON 255: Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the Arts and Sciences

 HON 260: The Idea of Nature I

 HON 261: The Idea of Nature II

 HON 270: Science and Technology: Triumph or Tragedy?

 HON 275: Science and Writing

 HON 290: The Language of Art

 HON 298: Special Topics

 (Spring 2013: Armenian Genocide/Holocaust and Economic Geography/Sculptures)

Course for juniors:

HON 350: Research Seminar

Courses for seniors:

HON 400: Honors Research Colloquium

HON 401: Honors Thesis Colloquium

HON 494: Honors Prospectus                    

HON 495: Honors Thesis

HON 499: Independent Study