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Child, Families, and Community Studies Concentration

The following Interdisciplinary Studies concentration is recommended for Early Childhood Education majors and students interested in this field. This concentration is also part of the EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHING CREDENTIAL (ECTC-B).

Required Courses
TSL 315 - Foundations in Bilingual Education
REC 312 - Therapeutic Play

Select 12 Credits from:
EDU 305 - Beginning Readers
EDU 316 - Child Development for Educators
EDU 414 - Applications of Child Development
PCH 356 - Maternal and Child Health
PSY 210 - Infant and Child Development
PSY 318 - Emotional and Social Development
PSY 320 - Abnormal Child Psychology
PSY 370 - Educational Psychology
REC 202 - Materials and Methods Birth to Five
REC 307 - Disabilities in Society
REC 403 - Mediating Problems in Community Settings
SOC 265 - Self and Society
SOC 320 - Sociology of the Children
SOC 322 - Sociology of the Family

Note: This is an Interdisciplinary Studies concentration only (not a minor) and is only available to students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies.