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Honors Thesis


A student with 3.0 QPR at the end of three years of collegiate study, and of 3.2 in a major concentration may write an Honors Thesis in order to graduate from SCSU with Departmental Honors.


  • Students should select faculty advisors.
  • The first semester, with permission of the Dean, students enroll in HON494 (Honors Prospectus). The HON 494 application form is due at the end of the add-drop period in the office of the appropriate dean. Once approved, the student receives a revised schedule adding three credits for Honors prospectus.
  • The second semester, the student registers for HON 495, Departmental Honors, provided that the honors prospectus was accepted by the reader. The student registers for the 495 course with the permission of the chairperson of the University Honors Committee.


  • Honors Prospectus
    The Honors Prospectus is due in late October in the fall semester and in late March in the spring semester to be submitted to the chairperson of the UHTC. Most prospectuses are six to ten pages long, and contain a fairly complete description of the student's project, including background literature that forms the context of the study, a statement of purpose or hypotheses, methodology, the nature of the evidence to be used, the limits of the study, and its significance.
  • Honors Thesis Research and Writing
    The student should work steadily on research and writing in order to complete the thesis by the March or November deadline. The student should be urged to submit a complete draft to the University reader, second reader, and other readers about a month before the deadline in order to receive critical comments from them and be able to revise or correct the thesis as indicated.
  • Thesis Defense
    When the thesis is complete, the student distributes copies to the Examining Committee. The student should also deposit one copy of his/her thesis in Buley Library (Cataloging Department). The student is responsible for arranging a time and a place for the oral exam (approximately one hour long) before the Examining Committee.

List of Selected Honors Theses in Mathematics (since 2002)

YEAR Student Advisor Thesis Title
2011 Robert Benway R. DeCesare The significance of real-life connections in middle and high school mathematics classes
2011 Rachael Ivison T. Bennett Bezier curves: An investigation into mathematical curves and handwriting
2011 Danielle Krueger R. DeCesare The effects of early access algebra on students' attitudes towards mathematics
2010 Daniel Radil J. Fields A discussion of multinomial coefficients and their properties
2009 Cameron Bishop J. Hong Integral closure of ideals
2007 Melissa Harrigan R. Mugno Maximization of Profit : An application of the bootstrap and regression analysis
2003 Mihaela Facaianu T. Bennett The proportional plan and the electoral college. A new analysis of the electoral college using the Shapley-Shubik index.
2003 Jonathan Knickerbocker J. Fields Conditions for the existence of finite projective planes
2002 David Fried J. Fields Deconstructing polyominoes