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Departmental Policies


Grade Requirements for Graduation (Undergraduate Program)

In order for a student to graduate with a major in mathematics, he/she must achieve at least a grade of C- in every core mathematics course, and in those mathematics courses which a student applies toward a major in mathematics, he/she must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and, at most, one grade below C-.

Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

  • Entry into 100 level mathematics courses is based on the results of the mathematics placement process used by Southern. Additional information about the placement process is available at
  • Students may not receive credits toward graduation for both MAT 139 and 150 or both MAT 178 and 250, or both MAT 221 and MAT 320.
  • Students may not receive more than 3 credits toward graduation from among MAT 100, 101, and 102.
  • Students taking both MAT 120 and MAT 122 can receive at most 4 credits toward graduation.