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Student Learning Outcomes

  • You will successfully complete courses that focus on the understanding of media as an ecological system.
  • These courses include Media and Self, How Media Mean, Introduction to Mass Media and Media Issues and Problems. The expected student learning outcomes in relation to media as an ecological system are:
    1. Your ability to demonstrate broad awareness, meaningful comprehension, and application and evaluation of the central arguments that make up the foundation of Media Studies.
      • They will do this by reflecting and reporting on their own use of media and the role media plays in their lives and in our culture and discussing, writing and debating the central arguments in a variety of formats (media journals, papers, roundtable debates).
    2. Your ability to demonstrate an understanding of the history of media (which includes a necessary understanding of the history of media technologies) and the evolution of the mediated environment.
      • Students will conduct an historical survey of media, conduct diachronic analyses of a variety of mediated forms, complete uses and gratifications self-studies and successful completion of media history exams.