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Science, Values, and Society Minor

Dr. Sarah Roe, Coordinator   
Phone:  (203) 392-6767

The Science, Values, and Society minor is best suited for students interested in ideas, concepts, and concerns located at the intersection of science and values.  By engaging in these topics, the Science, Values, and Society minor will gain a broader understanding of the social and ethical implications of scientific practices, scientific methodologies, and technologies.  The Science, Values, and Society minor is especially helpful when paired with a scientific or interdisciplinary major so that the student receives a more well-rounded scientific education that clarifies the role of science within a broader societal structure.

The Science, Values, and Society minor requires each student to complete a total of (at least) 18 credits.

Required course:

  • PHI 321 Philosophy of Science (3 credits)

Additional courses:

  • PHI 215 Logic (3 credits)
  • JRN 307 Reporting and Writing about Science (3 credits)
  • PHI 310 Women, Philosophy, and Science (3 credits)
  • PHI 320 Ethical and Social Implications of Science (3 credits)
  • PHI 324 Computer Ethics (3 credits)
  • PHI 325 Bio-Medical Ethics (3 credits)
  • PHI 327 Moral Problems and the Law (3 credits)