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Armen T. Marsoobian

DepArtment Chair

 Armen T. Marsoobian is a professor of philosophy at Southern Connecticut State University and chairperson of the Philosophy Department. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His primary areas of research are American philosophy, aesthetics, Peircean semiotics, metaphysics and genocide studies. His articles on Dewey, Peirce, Buchler, Emerson, pragmatism, aesthetics, and genocide studies have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies. He has co-edited two books in systematic metaphysics,  the first an expanded and revised edition of Justus Buchler's Metaphysics of Natural Complexes, the second, an anthology of essays on philosophical naturalism entitled Nature's Perspectives: Prospects for Ordinal Metaphysics. He published an anthology of essays on classic American philosophy, entitled The Blackwell Guide to American Philosophy. This book has recently appeared in a Russian language edition. He has also co-edited an anthology of philosophical essays on issues of justice and reconciliation after genocide entitled, Genocide's Aftermath: Reconciliation and Repair. He is editor-in-chief of the Wiley-Blackwell philosophy journal Metaphilosophy and is also general series editor for monographs in contemporary philosophy entitled, Metaphilosophy Series in Philosophy, published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.  His article, "Acknowledging Intergenerational Moral Responsibility in the Aftermath of Genocide," appeared in Genocide Studies and Prevention (2009). His recent essay, "Rescue in Marsovan: The Untold Story Behind a Photograph," won the Hrant Dink Prize for Historical Research in 2011. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars on topics related to his work on genocide, including reparations, reconciliation and memorialization. He has lectured on these topics in Armenia, Europe, South America and the United States. In 2011 he was the Nikit and Eleanora Ordjanian Visiting Professor in Armenian Studies, Department of Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies, Columbia University and taught a graduate seminar entitled, "Memories of the Armenian Genocide: An Exploration through Memoir, Literature and the Arts." He is currently a Visiting Scholar in Armenian Studies at Columbia. He is organizing a photography exhibition and writing an illustrated book that chronicles the story of his family and Armenians in the Ottoman province of Sivas between 1888-1922. The exhibition, based upon the Dildilian Brothers photography collection, will open in Istanbul in April 2013 and travel to Thessaloniki, Paris and other cities.

Professor Marsoobian has taught a wide variety of courses at Southern, both in philosophy and the Honors College. On the introductory level he teaches ethics, introduction to philosophy, ancient philosophy, problems in philosophy and logic. At the intermediate and upper levels he teaches aesthetics, American philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of education, business ethics, and bio-medical ethics. A frequent teacher in Southern's Honors College, he has taught Introduction to Critical Inquiry, The Idea of Self in the Ancient World, The Language of Art, and Race and Ethnicity in the 20th Century: Genocide and the Arts.  

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