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 Dr. Richard Volkman is a professor of philosophy at Southern Connecticut State University and associate director of the Research Center on Computing and Society.

 In 1998, Dr. Volkman completed his dissertation, Why be Moral? The Ethical Individualist Response to Alienation from Morality, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In that work, he defends the claim that an individual's pursuit of the good life is a sufficient mechanism for generating moral duties. This research informs the analytical basis of his current book project, Meditations on Heroic Individualism, which presents many of the same themes as the dissertation in a more literary and aphoristic format suitable to a popular audience. Dr. Volkman's other main philosophical interests have centered on trying to understand how and to what extent the Internet and related information technologies impact our culture and transform our ability to make judgments about the good life. Although Dr. Volkman remains skeptical regarding the ethical significance of cat videos, he is gradually coming to believe that the good life has vastly more to do with playing the fiddle than other philosophers have ever suspected.

 Since there is so much more to the good life than narrowly philosophical pursuits, Dr. Volkman aspires to lead a well rounded life that includes being an active musician and an avid motorcyclist. His current musical projects center on the eclectic acoustic ensemble Whiskey for Breakfast, which performs Irish and American traditional music along with a diverse collection of acoustic arrangements of jazz, folk, rock, and metal classics. Back in the day, Dr. Volkman played lead guitar in a series of heavy metal bar bands. Nowadays, he mostly rocks the mandolin and fiddle, but he still occasionally jams the noiz on his vintage Les Paul through an amp he built himself based on an old Marshall circuit. In tune with all this, his motorcycle is a heavily customized 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide with paint as loud as the pipes.

 Dr. Volkman lives in Hamden, CT with his wife of 24 years and their two sons, but they all spend as much time as they can at their little shack of a cabin in the woods of New Hampshire, accompanied by their beloved dog, Moonshine.

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