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Upcoming graduate courses

Fall 2017 courses:

 PHY 507 - Applied Physics Graduate Seminar. An overview of current topics in Applied Physics Research. An introduction of scientific writing, speaking and professional topics. Prerequisite: graduate status in Applied Physics or departmental permission. 3 credits.

PHY 530 - Optics and Optical Detectors. This course provides the student with a basic understanding of the scientific principles associated with optics and optical image formation, as well as image capture, processing and analysis. An end-to-end treatment of the imaging system will be employed to illustrate the inter-relationships of the concepts introduced. The student will become familiar with systems analyses of simple imaging systems and image analysis methods. Prerequisite: PHY 309 or the equivalent.

Graduate Courses in the normal sequence:

PHY 503, PHY 511 - Graduate Courses in Physics Education

PHY 512 - Methods of Theoretical Physics

PHY 519 & 521 - Graduate Nanotechnology Sequence

PHY 530 & 531 - Graduate Optics Sequence

PHY 580, PHY 600, IDS 571, SCE 575 - Independent Study and Research Courses

PHY 590 & 591 - Graduate Thesis Sequence