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Kevin Buterbaugh

Kevin Butterbaugh

 Engleman C-226B  
Phone: (203) 392-5662


Ph.D., Washington University – Saint Louis, 1996
BA (summa cum laude), Saint Peter’s College, 1989 


Book, Coauthored with Richard Fulton.  The WTO Primer:  Tracing Trade’s Visible Hand Through Case Studies.  New York:  Palgrave MacMillan (December 2007).

Book Chapter, “The USA PATRIOT Act.”  in Government at Work: Policymaking in the Twenty-First Century Congress , edited by Sunil Ahuja and Robert Dewhirst.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.  (April 2016)  

Article, Coauthored with Costel Calin, and Theresa Marchant-Shapiro, Predicting Revolt: Fragility Indexes and the Level of Violence and Instability in the Arab Spring”   Terrorism and Political Violence, July, 2015.

Article, “Trade and the Environment.”  Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict (2nd ed) edited by Lester Kurtz.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier.  (September 2008).

Article, “The Sky’s No Limit:  Turf and the Air Force and the Air National Guard.” in  Administration and Society, 32.6 (January 2001).

Article,  “Making Trust or Breaking Trust:  Cooperation and Conflict between Organizations - The Case of the Active Services and National Guard.”  In The Southeastern Political Review, 27.1 (Spring 1999).


International relations and political economy.   My current teaching interests deal with political violence and war.   My current research interests deal with state fragility and foreign aid as well as the politics surrounding ambassadorial appointments by presidents. 


PSC 230 - War
PSC 270 - International Relations
PSC 305 - Political Economy of Development
PSC 316 - US Security Policy
PSC 331 - International Organizations
PSC 335 - Global Politics
PSC 336 - The US in World Affairs
PSC 338 - Contemporary World Politics
PSC 435 - On War
PSC 475 - Capstone Seminar