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Kenneth Walters


Assistant Professor

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Phone: 203.392.6935

Office: EN D040

Teaching Interests:

Abnormal Psychology, Abnormal Child Psychology, Personality Theory, Clinical Psychology, Introduction to Mental Health, Human Sexuality, Tests & Measurements, Seminar in Psychological Services, Field Practicum.

Research Interests:

My research concerns the clinical assessment of psychosocial difficulties associated with attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder, impulsivity, and conduct problems among college students. Emphases include: academic performance, social dysfunction, substance abuse, rule-violations, self-concept, comorbid psychopathology, personality assessment, functional impairment and impact on quality of life. 

Research Assistants:

I maintain a team of five (5) undergraduate research assistants each academic year. Research assistants gain valuable experience which greatly enhances their graduate school applications. Team members work on my ongoing research project(s) and gain skills with: data collection from human research subjects, administration and scoring of psychological tests, data entry, data analysis, literature review, and presentation of research results at scientific conferences.

Research assistants are recruited each spring semester and commit for the entirety of the following academic year. Students register for three (3) credit hours each semester (PSY 197 during first year; PSY 467 if continuing for a second year). The workload is typically about five hours weekly. Those interested should see me during early- to mid-spring semester (weeks 2-7), as team members for the following year are chosen just after mid-spring semester.

Preference is given to students who have the potential to work with me for two full academic years (four semesters), although candidates with only two semesters remaining will also be considered.Therefore, high caliber students who are graduate school bound are strongly encouraged to become involved early. Students who are mature, dependable, professional, and have a history of excellent academic performance are especially sought.

This is an excellent way to gain research experience, especially in preparation for competitive graduate school admissions. Every member of the team participates in scientific conference presentations. Students typically join me in attending the New England Psychological Association conference each fall. Members of the team typically work toward receiving very strong and highly supportive letters of recommendation for graduate school.

My prior research assistants have an excellent history of continuing on to graduate school and professional careers in various areas, including: clinical psychology, counseling, clinical social work, school psychology, school counseling, industrial-organizational psychology, human factors psychology, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology.