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Students may earn a commission in the United States
Air Force or in the United States Army by completingROTC football game
requirements of the Reserve Officer Training Corps
(ROTC) program as part of their studies at the university.

Students are able to take AFROTC classes at Yale University
and receive commissions as second lieutenants.

The AFROTC program is available to Southern Connecticut
State University students at Yale University’s main campus in
New Haven. Through the AFROTC program, Southern Con-
necticut State University students, without paying extra tuition, can pursue a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force. The freshman and sophomore courses carry no military obligation and are open to all students. Scholarships are also available for qualified students. These scholarships pay up to full tuition and fees, as well as money for books and a monthly tax-free stipend.

Students enroll in a four-year or three-year (if joining in
their sophomore year) AFROTC sequence. Students commute to New Haven for AFROTC-specific classes and events. Up to 18 credits may be transferred to Southern and counted toward degree requirements as free electives.

Qualified students should contact the AFROTC office at
(203) 432-9431 or visit our website at www.afrotc.


ARF 113-114 - Air Force Studies I
Study of the role of the Air Force in the contemporary world:
the function of strategic offensive and defensive forces, general
purpose forces and related aerospace support forces.
The citizen-soldier concept, the relationship between war
and morality, and human rights. The improvement of student
communication skills. Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory, 1 hour.
1 credit each.

ARF 123-124 - Air Force Studies II
Development of air power from balloons and dirigibles
through the sophisticated weaponry used today. Air power
history including military and non-military developments,
especially post World War I and pre- and post-World War
II. Philosophy and nature of war. Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory,
1 hour. 1 credit each.

ARF 235-236 - Air Force Studies III
The individual as a manager in the Air Force. Motivational
and behavioral processes, leadership, communication, and
group dynamics as a foundation for the development of the
junior offi cer's professional skills. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory,
1 hour. 3 credits each.

ARF 245-246 - Air Force Studies IV
The Armed Forces as an integral element of society. The broad
range of U.S. civil-military relations and the environmental
context in which defense policy is formulated and implemented.
Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 1 hour. 3 credits each.


MSC 101 - Introduction to ROTC
An analysis of the national security structure, organization and branches of the Army in today's society, benefits and opportunities of an Army officer. 1 credit.

MSC 201 - Basic Military Skill
Introduction to basic first aid, orientation on the rights and
responsibilities of a soldier, and career opportunities. Prerequisite:
MSC 131. 1 credit.

MSC 301 - Leadership Techniques
An introduction to leadership and management emphasizing
types of leadership, management functions, principles
of leadership and leadership traits. 1 credit.

MSC 401 - Individual and Small Unit Skills
An introduction to map reading and land navigation, individual
and small unit tactics, and orientation on military
equipment. Prerequisite: MSC 131. 1 credit.