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WMS — 100 Dynamics of Sex, Race, and Class

Examines the intersections of sex, race, and class from the perspective of women's studies.

WMS — 215 Women in Society
Problems of women's roles in society. Comparative perspectives on the status of women across social institutions. An exploration of feminism and consideration of its goals and methods. Dual listed with SOC 215.

WMS — 217 Women in Modern Europe
Conditions of European women's lives 1700-present. Includes social roles, political activism, work, sexuality, and impact of revolutions and world wars. Dual listed with HIS 217.

WMS — 280 Human Sexuality
Exploration of the biological, psychological, sociological, and philosophical aspects of human sexuality. Experience in therapeutic effects of dialogue about sex and values. Dual listed with PCH 280.

WMS — 298 Special Topics
Examination of developments, issues, and/or creative work in the field of women's studies.

WMS — 309 Gender and Religion: The Old and New Eve
Influence of religion on women's image, role and status in western culture; cross-cultural comparisons; contemporary liberation theology; new roles in church and synagogue; sex and marriage. Dual listed with PHI 309.

WMS — 310 Women and Philosophy
Examines philosophical issues relating to women; androcentrism in philosophy; surveys works of women philosophers, ancient to contemporary. Dual listed with PHI 310. 

WMS — 312 Communication and Gender
Explores communication and gender including masculine and feminine communication styles as well as stereotypes of men's and women's communication; and gender patterns in communication across a variety of personal and professional contexts. Dual listed with COM 312.

WMS — 315 Sociology of Gender
Overview of women's and men's roles in society. Sociological perspectives and data on gender role formation, interaction, conflict, and change across social institutions. Theoretical insights on gender from a wide range of perspectives. Dual listed with SOC 316.

WMS — 316 Women in the Developing World
Explores the nature of the lives of women across the globe; their changing social, economic and political roles the impact of development, revolutionary movements, and international feminism. Dual listed with SOC 316.

WMS — 317 History of Women and Art
A history of women as creators and as images in the visual arts from middles ages to the present. Dual listed with ART 317.

WMS — 318 Women in American History 1620-1890
Examines the variety of experiences of groups of American women and presents a broad outline of major social, economic, political, legal, and cultural changes in women's lives from the seventeenth through the late nineteenth centuries. Dual listed with HIS 318. 3 credits.

WMS — 319 Women in American History 1865-Present
Examines the variety of experience of groups of American women and presents a broad outline of major social, economic, political, and cultural changes in women's lives from the late nineteenth century to the present. Dual listed with HIS 319.

WMS — 320 Gender and Politics
An examination of the roles of women in politics, concentrating on women in political philosophy, as political elites, as citizens, and women and the law. Dual listed with PSC 320.

WMS — 323 Women in Prehistory
Examines the role of women in ancient societies including their roles as healers, warriors, chiefs, and queens. Dual listed with ANT 323.

WMS — 325 Representations of Motherhood
Analysis of the concept of motherhood as a social, cultural, and man-made construction. Examination of the meaning of motherhood from prehistoric times to the present, as represented in religions, the arts, business, the mass media, as well as contemporary feminist theories.

WMS — 327 Women of Color in the U.S.
Exploration of major themes and issues in the history and contemporary lives of women of color in the United States with an emphasis on culture, diversity, and adversity.

WMS — 350 Woman's Health Consciousness: Ages 18-40
Exploration of health issues specifically related to women aged 18-40: fertility control and behavior, alternatives in childbirth, and medical self-care. Dual listed with PCH 350.

WMS — 355 Native American Women
Examines the lives of Native American women with an emphasis on their roles in economic, political, and ideological domains. Dual listed with ANT 355.

WMS — 360 Romance to Ruin: Media and Relationships
A study of culturally created ideologies, concerning intimate relationships including attraction, romance, intimacy, sexuality, commitment, power, and gender roles as systemic and mediated constructions. Dual listed with MDS 360.

WMS — 364 Travel to the Hawaiian Nation
On-campus classes and hosted travel to Hawaii. Offers students an opportunity to explore the culture and history of Hawaii and its indigenous people through immersion in many aspects of Hawaiian culture. Gender, race, and indigenous rights are emphasized. Dual listed with HIS 364.

WMS — 365 Hawaiian History
Survey of the ancient and contemporary and indigenous cultures of Hawaii and Hawaiian interactions with colonial and imperialist powers over time. Topics include ancient Hawaiian society and culture, the rise of the Hawaiian monarchy, and the formation of Hawaii as an American territory and state. Dual listed with HIS 365.

WMS — 374 Language, Gender, and Sexuality
Traverses scholarship on the significance of gender in language from early emphases on universals to more recent ethnographically grounded approaches. Relates gender to expressions of sexuality. Dual listed with ANT 374.

WMS — 380 The Anthropology of Women & Health
Anthropological analysis of local to global processes impacting women's health around the world. Ethnographic case studies that look at social organization, kinship, marriage, race, class, religion, etc. that contribute to the well-being of women. Exploration of non-Western healing techniques employed by women through time and space. Dual listed with ANT 380.

WMS — 383 American Women Writers
A study of American women writers of the 17th century to the present including Bradstreet, Dickinson, Chopin, Cather, Wharton, Hurston, and O'Connor. Dual listed with ENG 383.

WMS — 398 Special Topics
Examination of developments, issues, and/or creative work in the field of women's studies.

WMS — 400 Special Topics in Women's Studies
Special course offering that focuses on current topics in Women's Studies, e.g., women entrepreneurs; 20th century Italian women writers; feminism in the age of Hip Hop; Native American Women; Geography of Gender; Ethnic Identity; Women's Voices; Women and Health Cross-Culturally; Feminist Families; Women's Choices; Evolution of Black Feminist Thought; Psychoanalysis and Literature; Writers' Workshop: The Gendered Voice; Ecofeminist Writing; Gender and Culture; Communication and Gender; Women and Professional Ethics; Women, Affirmative Actions, and the Law.

WMS — 403 Women's Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship
A historical and sociological examination of the multidisciplinary entrepreneurial accomplishments of women from 1776 to the present in the broad categories of agriculture and mining; construction; communication; manufacturing; service—both for profit and not-for-profit; transportation; and wholesale and retail trade. Their contributions to the U.S. and global economies are assessed through the critical lens of the social, political, and legal constraints within which they lived. Dual listed with MGT 403.

WMS — 404 Gender and the Law
Survey course for the non-law student. Basic overview of the American legal system with emphasis on 19th and 20th century case law affecting women, including constitutional protections for equity, Title VII (including sexual harassment and comparable worth), and Title IX (including educational and sports equivalents). Dual listed with SOC 404.

WMS — 412 Psychology of Women
Psychological assumptions about women and how these assumptions are being questioned or verified by recent experimental studies. Dual listed with PSY 412.

WMS — 415 Contemporary Feminist Theories
Seminar on recent feminist thought, including sexual rationalism, socialist, and radical feminism and analysis of the patriarchal state. Relationship to other sociological, psychological, and political thinking. Dual listed with SOC 415.

WMS — 421 Feminist Theory and Literary CriticismInquiry into the fundamental problems of feminist thought, critical theory, and literary criticism. Dual listed with ENG 421.

WMS — 430 Global Women's Issues
Theories of globalization and feminist anthropology are used to examine how globalization affects the well-being and potential of women in the areas of work, reproduction, religion, leadership, and activism. Dual listed with ANT 430.

WMS — 498 Advanced Special Topics
Examination of developments, issues, and/or creative work in the field of women's studies.

WMS — 499 Independent Study
Provides students with an opportunity for independent study and in-depth research on selected topics on women's studies issues.