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The Master of Arts degree in Women's Studies is based on a two-year cohort model in which students take a sequence of four required courses over four semesters in addition to their field experience requirement, their electives and their exit requirements. However, students who do not choose to take electives or other requirements while taking their cohort courses have up to six years to complete the degree program.

In consultation with an advisor, students select courses to complete a concentration in a traditional discipline through a host department or an interdisciplinary specialization relevant to their professional objectives. In addition, the advisor assists the student in selecting appropriate Women's Studies electives. No student is permitted to take more than four courses (12 credits) through a single host department. All students are required to complete a field experience in Women's Studies, Women's Center administration, Women's Studies directed research, or Women's Studies pedagogy.

All candidates for the Master of Arts in Women's Studies must satisfy the exit requirements of the program. Those students opting for the comprehensive examination take six additional credits of coursework electives while those opting for the thesis or special project take six credits of seminar work.

Contact information:

For any questions regarding the M.A. program, please contact:

Name Position Office Phone Email
Dr. Heidi Lockwood Acting Director of Women's Studies Engleman Hall B229 (203) 392-6864
Dr. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin Director of Women's Studies Engleman Hall B229 (203) 392-6864
Jess Bachinski Graduate Assistant   (203) 392-6133
Taegun Moon Graduate Assistant   (203) 392-6133