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Program Overview

Master's Degree Goals and Requirements

The Master of Arts Degree in Women's Studies was designed to be completed in two years, but students may take up to six years. Additionally, students choose a concentration in a traditional discipline through a host department or identify a related/applied area relevant to their professional objectives. Students may also choose to design a specialization based on their own interests. 

All candidates for the Master's Degree must satisfy the exit requirements of the program. The options are: a thesis, special project, or a comprehensive examination.

Cohort Requirements: 12 credits to be taken in sequence over four semesters
WMS 500-Feminist Theories and Practices
WMS 510-Research Methods in WMS
WMS 520-History of Feminist Thought
WMS 530-Global Women's Issues

Field Experience Requirement: 3 Credits
WMS 601-Field Experience

Exit Requirements: 18 - 24 Credits

Thesis Option: 18 Credits
WMS 590-Thesis Seminar I
WMS 591-Thesis Seminar II

Electives in area of specialization

Comprehensive Exam Option: 18 Credits
Exam and electives in area of specialization (18 credits)

Special Project Option: 24 Credits
WMS 592-Special Project Seminar I
WMS 593-Special Project Seminar II

Electives in area of specialization

Total Breakdown

Factor Thesis (A) Special Project (B) Comprehensive Exam (C)
Cohort 12 credits 12 credits 12 credits
Field Experience 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits
Final Project 6 credits 6 credits  
Electives 12 credits 12 credits 21 credits
Total 33 credits 33 credits 36 credits


For more information about course offerings and descriptions, please see Graduate Courses.