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Graduate Certificate

Why pursue a Women's Studies Graduate Certificate?

The Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies provides a compelling gender, race, and class analysis which can be applied effectively in the workplace and is also relevant to advanced graduate studies at the doctoral level. It compliments your master's degree and offers sophisticated, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural academic training with practical applications for those who choose to seek professional credentialing such as a terminal degree in law or intend to pursue a doctorate program leading to teaching and advanced research. The program also serves those who have achieve competence in their field as educators, administrators, human resource and health professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and those who want to integrate the theory and practice of women's studies into their profession. It is also suitable for students seeking personal enrichment.

The Women's Studies classroom is a unique environment, encouraging active student participation in the learning process. The goal of Women's Studies pedagogy is to generate knowledge from the shared resources of the students under the guidance of the instructor.

the Graduate Certificate overview

Offered through the Women's Studies Program, the Graduate Certificate and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies present students with the opportunity to challenge traditional paradigms, cross disciplinary boundaries, and conduct independent research within a focused plan of study. The plan of study integrates:

  • Scholarly inquiry
  • Critical problem-solving methods
  • Professional training
  • Development of cooperative leadership skills.

The Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies is a free-standing interdisciplinary certificate granted through the Women's Studies Program but also can be pursued as an elective option in conjunction with matriculation for degrees in those programs which authorize elective credit in cognate/related/applied areas outside of the department. The following departments/programs support the Women's Studies certificate:

  • Art
  • Educational Foundations
  • English
  • Environmental Education
  • History
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Special Education
  • Sociology

Graduate Certificate requirements

The requirements for the nine-credit basic certificate are one core course and two electives. To encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and learning, the Women's Studies Program requires its certificate students to take no more than two courses in a single academic department. Students matriculated for a degree take courses outside of their primary discipline. The elective courses are selected in consultation with the student's adviser in the Women's Studies Program and with the student's departmental adviser. All courses are at the graduate level unless the student obtains special permission from the Women's Studies adviser and from the departmental adviser.

Advanced Certificate requirements

The advanced certificate has the following additional features: the advanced certificate requires 12 credits of study. For those students matriculated for degrees, the additional three credits for the advanced certificate are earned as a supplement to the number of credits required for their completion of the master's degree. Students would earn their additional three credits by completion of an independent study (WMS 600) or a field experience assignment (WMS 601) under the supervision of their Women's Studies Program adviser(s).

Graduate Certificate Application

Application: Applying for the Graduate Certificate

contact information

If you would like further information about the Graduate Certificate Programs, please contact:

Women's Studies Office
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Phone: (203) 392-6133