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Director: Dr. Tricia Lin

(203) 392-6864
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Graduate Assistants: Alisha Martindale, Gillian Sobocinski, Kristin Hernandez (203) 392-6133 

What is Women's Studies (WMS) as a program of study?
Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study, consisting of courses taught in various departments throughout SCSU.  A course identified as Women's Studies focuses on the study of gender roles, the social construction of gender, women's issues, achievements and/or women's place in societies both past and present.

Women's Studies, in all of its diversity, has as its goal a world free not only of sexism, but also of racism, class bias, ageism, and heterosexual bias - in other words, a world free of all the ideologies and institutions that have consciously or unconsciously oppressed and exploited some for the advantage of others.

What would I study in a WMS course?
Women's lives and experiences throughout the world including celebrating women's talents and triumphs as well as exploring women's histories, oppressions, struggles, and everyday experiences.

You will also study the feminist concept of gender as a social construct and how as a result of the gendering process, men and women may be privileged, ignored, demeaned, denied, and/or misrepresented.

No two WMS studies courses are exactly the same; however, all the courses share at least one of the two general objectives above.

Why are Women's Studies courses listed with other departmental designation?
Because Women's Studies is interdisciplinary, you have the opportunity to explore gender and women's issues from a variety of perspectives and content areas. When you reference the WMS section of your course schedule, you will see that the courses are cross-listed with other departments, meaning professors from various departments throughout the university offer WMS courses. These departments include:

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How do WMS courses count in my own program of study?
You may find that some WMS courses can count toward electives in your major, or they may serve as university electives. You can also declare a WMS minor!

What exactly is a Women's Studies minor?
A Women's Studies minor at Southern Connecticut State University consists of 18 credits of WMS-designated courses plus two required Women's Studies courses.

What can a Women's Studies minor do for me?
In general, a WMS minor will provide you with:

  • A solid understanding of women's experiences
  • Insight of gender issues that can enhance both personal and professional relationships
  • Awareness of social and cultural issues
  • Universal and inclusive knowledge of the world
  • Critical thinking skills

How would a Women's Studies minor help me with future career goals?
As with any minor, what the Women's Studies Program can do for you depends largely on how you use it! Because the Women's Studies Program is interdisciplinary, it provides you with a wide range of course content, contributing significantly to your credibility and knowledge base. The specific aim of the Women's Studies Program is to better prepare students for careers in academe, law, government, journalism, social work, the arts, librarianship, education, business, or other areas where we deal directly or indirectly with women's concerns or needs or where we engage in other occupations concerned with gender issues.

What Can I Do with a Women's Studies Major?

How do I officially declare a Woman's Studies minor?

To have an official minor in Women's Studies, it is important to complete a "Declaration of Minor" form. You may download this form off the website or obtain it from the WMS office.  Return the completed form to the WMS office and be sure to contact Dr. Tricia Lin to discuss your courses.  Before graduation, it will be your responsibility to declare officially your minor with the university. You may also visit the WMS office and complete the form there. When you complete the form, we can assist you with advising matters and process university recognition of your minor.

Do men take WMS courses?
Absolutely! Men in SCSU's Women's Studies courses consistently report that the WMS Program enlightens them on matters deeply affecting their own lives, their personal relationships, their social networks, and the world at large. Men take WMS courses to learn more about gender issues that affect both their personal and professional well-being and to understand the social construction of gender

Who is available to answer my questions and advise me on what courses to take in the minor?
For any questions regarding the Women's Studies undergraduate curriculum, contact:

Dr. Tricia Lin, Professor and Director of Women's Studies, or (203) 392-6864.

You are also welcome to contact the staff of Women's Studies in Engleman Hall B229 at (203) 392-6133.

Join the Women's Studies Honor Society!

Iota, Iota, Iota (Triota), an academic honor society for the field of Women's Studies, welcomes and encourages undergraduate participation. Our mission is to encourage and support scholarship and academic excellence in Women's Studies. Triota is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumnae/i in Women's Studies. To find out more and to apply, click here.