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Conference Program

21st Annual ConferenceWelcome to our Conference Program. Below is a tentative conference schedule. Information will be added as soon as the information becomes available. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Women's Studies Program or 203-392-6133.

22nd Women’s Studies Conference
"#FeministIn(ter)ventions: Women, Community, Technology"

Preliminary Conference Schedule*
*Subject to change 


The conference takes place in the Adanti Student Center
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1:00 p.m.       

Registration Opens

All conference events will take place in the Adanti Student Center           


2:00 p.m.

Women & Girls’ Fair Opens                                 


2:00-3:15 p.m.

Welcome and Opening Plenary                                

Plenary: “Women, Science, and Technology”

• Welcome from Provost Dr. Ellen Durnin, Southern Connecticut State University

• Opening Plenary, “Women, Science, and Technology,” moderated by Sarah Roe and Elyse Zavar, Southern Connecticut State University

Dr. Rina Ghose, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Dr. Sel J. Hwahng, Hunter College, City University of New York      

Moderated by Sarah Roe and Elyse Zavar, Southern Connecticut State University

3:15-3:45 p.m.

Beverage Breaks at Women & Girls’ Fair                                                 

3:45-5:00 p.m.

Concurrent Session A


A1- “Feminist Pedagogy: Teaching with Digital Technologies”

Moderator: Rosalyn Amenta, Southern Connecticut State University           

Arthur Volanth, Wallingford Adult Education, “Feminist Pedagogy and Technology”

Jess Gregory, Southern Connecticut State University, “Digital Writing Communities: Empowering Students to Give Themselves the Gift of Time”

•Katy Fulfer, Hood College, “Video Blogs and Gender-Busting in a Feminist Classroom”

•Charlotte Wood, Hood College, “Video Blogs and Gender-Busting in a Feminist Classroom”

A2- "WISC at Rye Country Day School: Working with and Educating Women in Science"

Facilitator: Frances Grodzinsky, Sacred Heart University

•Cathie Bischoff

•John Charpie

•Jenna Cohn

•Victoria Katz

•Isabelle Koh

•Anabelle Liu

•Talia Mandell

•Jinger Pierce

•Rachel Sirwatka

•Shane Tomaino


A3- “Title IX and Feminist Interventions: Women Shaping Sports Culture”

    Moderator: Polly Beals, Southern Connecticut State University

Isabel Skarzynski, Southern Connecticut State University, “Title IX and Women’s Sports Culture”

Vanessa Young, Southern Connecticut State University, “Women Shaping Sports Culture: The Case of Cold Water Surfing”


A4- “Trans x POC x STEM: Critical Feminist Bioethical Considerations”

Moderator: Ariella Rotramel, Connecticut College

Sel J. Hwahng, Hunter College, City University of New York

Carter Ithier, Mechanical Engineer


5:00-5:15 p.m.

Beverage Break at Women and Girls’ Fair                    


5:15-6:30 p.m.

Concurrent Session B


B1-"Pedagogy of Women, Community, Technology: A Faculty-Student Roundtable about Teaching and Learning"

    Moderator: Winnie Yu, Southern Connecticut State University

Anahit Ter-Stepanian, Southern Connecticut State University

Sarah Reeves, Southern Connecticut State University

•Alexis Elder, Southern Connecticut State University

B2- “The Hands That Feed, Create, and Design: Building Communities and Changing Cultures”

Moderator: Bola Akanji, University of Connecticut

Cheryl Green, Southern Connecticut State University, “With These Hands”

Alisha Jean Denis, Yale University, “Project Buvuma: Courageous Women Building 21st Century Literacies”

Isabel Prochner, Universite de Montreal, “A Survey of Feminist Work in Industrial Design”

B3- “The Feminist Wire’s Emerging Feminisms Workshop”

Vanessa Lovelace,The Feminist Wire

Mick Powell, The Feminist Wire

•Audrey Silvestre, The Feminist Wire

•Heather Turcotte,The Feminist Wire

B4- “Building and Fostering Safe Spaces for Women in Online Community Peer Support Workshop”

    Facilitator: Laura Bower-Phipps, Southern Connecticut State University

Kari Swanson, Southern Connecticut State University


Women & Girls’ Fair Closes                           


7:00-8:45 p.m.

Dinner and Friday Evening Program

    Drum/Music: Hanan Hameen, Founder, Artsucation Academy Network

    Moderator: Rosalyn Amenta, Southern Connecticut State University

Christine Broadbridge, Director of STEM Initiatives, Office of STEM Innovation  & Leadership, Southern Connecticut State University

Medria Blue-Ellis, Principal of Engineering and Science University Magnet School (ESUMS)

Lisa Lancor, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Southern Connecticut State University

The Honorable Toni Harp, Mayor of New Haven



8:30 a.m.

Registration Opens                                                                                                      


Women’s & Girls’ Fair Opens                                               

Breakfast Reception                                                                                                                                                              

9:30-10:45 a.m.

Concurrent Session C


C1- “The Others Stare Back: Intersectional Interventions and Strategies”

    Moderator: Siobhan Carter-David, Southern Connecticut State University

Leandra Preston-Sidler, University of Central Florida, “Feast Your Eyes on My Big Ol’ Thighs”   

•Anita August, Sacred Heart University, “The Other Stares Back: ‘Visual Rapture’ is Essential to Gendered and Raced Bodies in Networked Knowledge Communities (NKCs)”

•K.C. Williams, Coastal Carolina Community College, "Welcome to My Post-Racial Life: The Use of Social Media in Dissecting the Intersections of a Modern Day Lynching"


C2-“SLUTWALK: A Case for Women, Community, Technology”

Moderator: Virginia Metaxas, Southern Connecticut State University

•Kate Wininger, University of Southern Maine, “SLUTWALKS and Social Media”

•Christina Fawcett, Southern Connecticut State University, “SlutWalk SCSU”

•Alisha Martindale, Southern Connecticut State University, “SlutWalk SCSU”

C3- “‘Workin’ it’ on the World Wide Web: Sex Work Activism and the Mobilization of #WhoreNation”

Norma Jean Almodovar, Activist

Alan Brown, Southern Connecticut State University

Tara Burns, Activist

•Bella Robinson, Activist

C4- “Technological Disruptions: Feminist Pedagogical Approaches and Challenges”

•Joyce Bennett, Connecticut College

Ashley Hanson, Connecticut College

•Hisae Kobayashi, Connecticut College

•Laura Little, Connecticut College

•Caroline Park, Connecticut College

Ariella Rotramel, Connecticut College

10:45-11:00 a.m.

Beverage Break at Women and Girls’ Fair                          


11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Concurrent Session D


D1- “Gendered and Mediated Bodies and Genres”

Moderator: Sobiera Latorre, Southern Connecticut State University
 Maria Alexandra Catrickes, Yale University, “Trauma, Gender, and Rage: Rebellion as Style in Italy’s Diva Films of 1910-1920”

 Samantha Eddy, Boston College, “Groped and Gutted: The Gendered Nature of Sexual and Horrific Imagery in the Slasher Genre”

 Natalie Tessicini, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, “Gender and Disability in Comic Books and Graphic Novels”

D2- “Coming of Age With Social Media: Black Girls Talking Back”

    Moderator: Dayeshell Muhammad, Southern Connecticut State University

Tasha Blackwell, Southern Connecticut State University, “Look at Me Now: Social Media & Self Esteem Among Young Women”

Ebony McClease, Forensic Health Services, “Technology, Girls, Adaptation”

D3- “Women in the STEM Field: A Roundtable on Mentoring and Growing Women’s Participation”

•Frances Grodzinsky, Sacred Heart University, Professor of Computer Science

Jo-Marie Kasinik, Sacred Heart University, Biology Instructor

Pamela H. L. Weiss, Primary Patent Examiner, United States Patent and Trademark Office

•Stephanie Dytko, Sacred Heart University

•Lianna Ferreira, Sacred Heart University

•Chantelle Nesbitt, Sacred Heart University

•Melanie Pereira, Sacred Heart University

•Gianna Raimondi, Sacred Heart University

•Leanne Scorcia, Sacred Heart University

12:30-1:30 p.m.


Poetry/Spoken Word: Lytasha Marie Blackwell, Founder, She’s A B.O.S.S.


1:30-2:45 p.m.

•Plenary “From #BlackLivesMatter to #IdleNoMore: Community Organizing and Movement Building in the Age of Social Media”

    Moderator: Siobhan Carter-David, Southern Connecticut State University


Ruth Garby Torres, Schaghticoke Nation & Harvard University

Stephanie Troutman, University of Arizona


3:15-4:30 p.m.

Concurrent Session E


E1- “Decolonial Love: Unpacking Cis-normative, Able-bodied, White Supremacy”

Moderator: Lauren Chicoski, Metropolitan Business Academy

•Heather Stewart, University of Louisville, “The Coloniality of Race and the Lives of Contemporary Trans Women”

Mick Powell, The Feminist Wire, “The Pleasures and The Problematics: Queer Femme Interracial Relationships, Representations, and the Politics of Being ‘Out’ on Social Media”   

Lauren Todd, Southern Connecticut State University, SAGE Center, “The Pleasures and The Problematics: Queer Femme Interracial Relationships, Representations, and the Politics of Being ‘Out’ on Social Media”

E2- “Identity, Privilege and the Promise of Cyberfeminism: A Strategy Workshop on Campus Activism and Social Media”

             Facilitator: Hailey George, Southern Connecticut State University

•Brian Klocke, Independent Scholar & Faculty Against Rape

E3- “Evolving Ethical Opportunities and Risks of Communication Technologies for Women”

Alexis Elder, Southern Connecticut State University, “How Asynchronous Communication Helps Women Take Control of Their Conversations”

Frances Grodzinsky, Sacred Heart University, “Cyber Harassment”

•Amanda Moras, Sacred Heart University, “Rape Culture, Video Games, and the Prevention of Sexual Violence”   

4:00 PM

Women and Girls’ Fair Closes                       


5:30-8:30 PM                               

•  Dinner Program

Spoken Word: MindEvolution, Artist

1st SCSU #Femhack Awards

•  Keynote by Anita Sarkeesian 

Welcome by President Mary Papazian, Southern Connecticut State University

•  Ingrid Washinawatok El-Issa Service Award Ceremony

    Student Recipients:

Carlin M. Huckel

Tenzin “Cake” Namdol

Community Recipients:

Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven