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triota multicultural crock pot cook off

Triota’s Inuagural Multicultural Crock Pot Cook Off
Club Fundraising and Social Event
Co-Sponsored by The SAGE Center and PRISM

Event Description:

The goal of this event is to foster a sense of connection with, and kindle meaningful relationships between, the many diverse cultures present on campus galvanized by the similarities we all share when it comes to using food as a wordless language of caring and love. Through the sharing of personally and culturally meaningful foods, and the stories that go along with them, we hope to create dialogues between students, faculty and staff of different cultural heritages that broaden the understanding that although we come from different backgrounds, we all share similar goals of living healthy, happy, loving and meaningful lives, of which can be realized in the way we care for each other using food as a language when words are either not easily found or not an option at all. (As inspired by the WMS 599 online course “Take Back the Kitchen”)

Event Time and Place:

Wednesday, November, Nov. 9th
SAGE Center 
ASC Rm 324

Proceeds: Proceeds will be portioned: Most as donation to recent Hurricane victims, some to Triota club fund, some to SAGE as thank you for using the space.   

Participants: People who pay $5 to compete to win a giftcard with a crock pot recipe to serve to attendees

Attendees: People who pay $3 to attend and sample/judge participant’s recipes in three different categories with a ballot provided at sign in to event

**Note: Attendee admission is either $3 or $2 with a non-perishable item (which will be used for Triota “Adopt a Family” food drive contributions)

Categories attendees will vote on (participants do not sign up for a specific category, attendees just cast their vote):

Most Savory

Most Hearty

Most Unique

Rules for Participants Recipes:

  1. Recipe can be anything as long as it is made in a crock pot

  1. Must display all ingredients used, especially allergens like nuts, dairy, soy, etc.

  2. Must bring your own crock pot and serving spoon with food ready to share!

  3. Must be ready to share and talk about the meaningful story behind the recipe

Prizes: One gift card each to the person who garners the most votes in each category.

There will be three bowls set up marked with either “Most Savory, Most Unique, Most Hearty”.

Attendees will receive pre-printed tabs with each category marked on the top. They will then write in their favored participant in each category and place the tab in the appropriate bowl. The participant with the most tabs in each individual category bowl will win one of the giftcards. If there is a repeat winner, the person who has the next most amount of votes will win.