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Careers in World Languages

We live at a time when international boundaries are more fluid than ever -- people, information, and money flow across national borders in numbers greater than ever, and globalizing forces have brought changes to every corner of society. As a result, international and intercultural communication skills and understanding are more crucial than any time in history. There are more opportunities than ever for people who know world languages, and have intercultural education and experience.

If you enjoy experiencing other cultures and speaking world languages, and all the interpersonal, intercultural, and international rewards these bring, a major or minor in a world language may be for you. There is demand for language professionals in nearly every field, including business and marketing, federal and local government, military and public service, law and non-profit work, medicine and health care, science and technology, media and communication, and travel and tourism, just to name a few.

A B.A. or B.S. in a world language with a general education background can provide you with the solid language skills needed to make your language and intercultural abilities the center of your career in any of these fields, or as a base for graduate study. Alternatively, a major in any of these fields with a minor in a language can give you a competitive edge when it comes to building a fulfilling career. In any case, world language skills are highly marketable and desirable in today's economy, whether for a career serving local immigrant populations or a career involving international travel. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Another specialty of the SCSU Department of World Languages and Literatures is in preparing world language teachers at the secondary level. In the certification programs, we prepare world language majors to share their knowledge and enthusiasm of a language and culture with children and adolescents in a challenging, but rewarding and secure career in education. If you enjoy working with young people and see the reward in preparing America's youth for an increasingly globalized future, world language teaching might be the career for you. 

For more information, talk to your language instructor. For information and guidance on careers and majors, visit the SCSU Career Services Center