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Pina Palma

Professor of Italian 
Telephone: (203) 392-6753
Office: Engleman Hall D-159


Ph.D., Yale University
Member of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences

Research Interests

Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature; Italian modern novel; and links between Italian and Spanish literature.


Savoring Power and Tasting the Times: the Metaphor of Food in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature. Notre Dame University Press, 2013.

Selected Publications

"Utopian Worlds: Vico, La Capria, and Mazzotta." Essays in Honor of Giuseppe Mazzotta. Supplement to MLN. January 2012, 33-41.

"Fiorinetta Food of Freedom: Morgante XIX." Table Talk in the Middle Ages. Christiana Purdy, Ed. (New York and London: Cambridge UP, 2011), 111-125.

"Why did the Monkey Kill the Giant? Another Look at Margutte's Death," Quaderni d'Italianistica, Fall 2010, 35-50.

"Transformative Imagery in Dante: Inferno XXV and Purgatorio XXV." Faith and Fantasy in the Renaissance: Texts, Images and Religious Practices. Olga Z. Pugliese and E. M. Kavaler, Eds. (Toronto, CA: Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2009), 29-42.

"Not Only Who They Were but What They Ate: Food and Courtly Ideals in Don Quixote." Don Quixote the First Four Hundred Years. Zenia Da Silva, Ed. (Lima, Peru: University of San Marcos Press, 2009), 59-70.

"Kings, Hermits, and Lovers: Banquets and Diets in the Decameron." Food and History, Vol. 4. N. 2, Spring 2008, 151-162.

"Banquets and Power: The Politics of Gastronomy." Quaderni d'Italianistica, Spring 2006, 21-29.

"Food in War: L'Agnese va a morire." Nemla Italian Studies vol. XXV-XXVI, Fall 2005, 63-77.

Selected Presentations

"Politics, Passions, and Art: Pontano's World." Renaissance Society of America, NY, NY, April 2014.

"Boccaccio's Cimone: The New Man on the Block." American Boccaccio Society, Washington DC, October 2013.

"Appetite for Knowledge and Prescribed Diets: Alibech's Story." 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo, MI. May 2013.

"Homemakers and Partisans: Italian Women and War." Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences. New Haven, January 14, 2009.  

"Ladies and Giants at the Table: Pulci's Morgante." Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, April 2008.

"Faith and Fantasy, God and Man: Purgatorio XXV and Inferno XXV." Faith and Fantasy in the Early Modern World.  Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Toronto, ON. October 2007.

"Nuns, Pleasure, and Food in Aretino's Dialoghi." Renaissance Society of America, Miami, March 2007.

"How Italian is Taught Today, How It Will Be Taught Tomorrow." Yale U. October 27-29, 2006.

"Hermits, Husbands, and Lovers: Moderation and Excesses at the Table in the Decameron." Institut EuropΘen d'histoire et des cultures de l'alimentation, Tours, France, February 2006.

"Banquets and Power in the Renaissance." Renaissance Society of America, Cambridge, England, April 2005.