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Elena Schmitt

Professor of TESOL and Foreign Language Certification
Department Chair
Telephone: (203) 392-6138
Office: Engleman Hall D-163 


Ph.D., Linguistics, University of South Carolina, 2001
M.A., Foreign Languages, Linguistics, West Virginia University, 1993
Public School Teacher Certification, Columbia, SC, 1993
B.A., ESL, French, Translation, Moscow Sstate University of Foreign Languages, 1990

Selected Publications

2015. Shifting paradigms: A model for the integrated assessment of language and culture. In W. Chan, S. Bhatt, M. Nagami, & I. Walker (Eds.) Culture and Foreign Language Education: Insights from Research and Implications for the Practice. De Gruyter Mouton Publishers. (with Dr. Judith Hammer)

2014. Seat time vs. proficiency: Assessment of language development in undergraduate students. AAUSC volume "Innovation and Accountability in Foreign Language Program Evaluation".

2012. Reconciling form and content –acquisition of cross-cultural discourse structures by learners of English. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 38:1, p. 99-121.

2010. When boundaries are crossed: Evaluating language attrition data from two perspectives. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 13:1, 1–11

2008. Schmitt, Elena. Early Bilinguals - Incomplete Acquirers or Language Forgetters? p. 311-330. In Issues of Multiculturalism and Multilingualism in Modern Education System. Studia Humaniora Et Paedagogica Collegii Narovensis III/2. 2008. Narva.

2008. Раннее двуязычие - неполное освоение или утрата языка? (стр. 333-353). Multikultuurilisuse ja mitmekeelsuse probleemid tΣnapΣeva haridussⁿsteemis/Проблемы мультикультурности и многоязычия в современной образования. Studia Humaniora Et Paedagogica Collegii Narovensis III/I.. Нарва.

2007.    'Bare' bones of language loss: A study of uninflected codeswitched forms in the speech of immigrant children from Russia. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 14:1, 263-288

Selected Presentations

2015. Ethnographic observation and functional discourse analysis for ESOL teacher training. Paper to be presented at the International Systemic Functional Congress (ISFC),  July 27-31, Aachen, Germany. (with Jesse Gleason)

2015. The Knowledge Framework and ESOL Teacher Training: Functional Discourse Analysis for Language-and-Content Development. Paper presented at the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference, March 24, Toronto, Canada. (with Jesse Gleason)

2014.Seat Time vs. Proficiency. ATCFL, November 17, San Antonio, TX.

2014. A Moving Target: Professional identity development in foreign language teacher candidates. AAAL. March 25, Portland, OR.

2013. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The effect of frequency of FL class meetings on proficiency                        attainment by university students. AAAL, March 16-19, Dallas, TX.

2012. Shifting paradigms: New assessments for foreign language teaching. ClaSIC, December 5-8, Singapore                                  

2011. Teaching reflections: To the problem of identity formation in pre- and in-service teachers of world languages.ACTFL, November 19-22, Denver, CO.

2011. Dichotomy of Late Bilingualism: Co-existence of L2 grammar and L1 discourse structure.8thInternational Symposium on Bilingualism, June 15-19, Oslo, Norway.

2011. Writing English in Russian: Dichotomy of Acquisition of Form and Cultural Content. American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), March 27-30, Chicago, IL.

2010. Reconciling form and content – Russian learners of English acquiring cross-cultural discourse structures and competence.  SPINE-SUZA Conference, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Dec. 2-4. (with Dr. Judith Hammer).

2010. When Change Meets Doubt: Professional Identity Development in Pre-service Teachers. ACTFL, Nov. 19-21  

2010. Searching for the Elusive: Manifestations of First Language Attrition and Incomplete Acquisition. Incomplete acquisition and language attrition in bilingual s ettings.Hambrug, July 9-12.

2009. From Access to Attrition: The rate of morphological L1 attrition in young immigrants. GURT, Washington, D.C. March 13- 15.

2008. Deceptive Bilingualism: Structural differences in the family language production. AATSEEL, San Francisco, December 27-30.

2007. The 4-M model: Evidence from language attrition and language acquisition. EURO SLA, Newcastle, England, Sept. 11-14.

2007. Searching for the Roots: The Role of Incomplete Acquisition and Language Attrition in the Speech of Early Bilinguals. 6th International Symposium on Bilingualism, Hamburg, May 30 - June 2.